Saturday, May 12, 2007

Neighbourhood Services Task Group - Kenny Regen

Went to NSTG on Tuesday teatime - one of the Kenny Regen committees

Have committed to finding answer to the follow questions

1. When is 24 Freehold Street finally being demolished after the Council learnt it would cost £90k for them to shore up this house in private ownership pending the owner tackling it themselves. Too big a price to pay in my view, however well meaning, a shame but probably the right decision in the end.

2. What is happening at the Fruit and Veg market? The recycling people are slowly encroaching on the market's space pending its ultimate closure and coversion to new schools.

The Chair of KNDC once again insisted vociferously that Prescot Road is not in the KNDC area despite Lynn Spencer confirming it is, in writing, to me, since the fire.

Please can someone get this sorted? I am sure you read this, between you. What is the truth?


Stanley Steve said...

The Fruit and Veg Market is actually in Old Swan and the Stanley Residents Association have already taken up these issues. The bins are being stored there temporarily while they are being delivered across the city.

Louise Baldock said...

Yes, I know it is in Old Swan. The person who asked the question lives in Kenny Fields which is in Central ward but uses the market and is concerned about what she sees as an encroachment.

I wasnt proposing to campaign on it, just posing the question on her behalf.

So how long will they be stored there for?

I have asked council officers for the answer but you might be quicker!

JB said...

The truth is that it IS in the KNDC area, as the fact of extensive C7 ownership there proves.

Just ask for a map of the NDC boundaries - or note the location of the big blue sign promising a 'New Vision' on the railway bridge.

The fact there is cash available for refurb of these homes makes those responsible for their neglect all the more culpable.

Louise Baldock said...

Response from Council re bins at market in Old Swan

"I refer to your recent enquiry concerning the circumstances surrounding the use of the Wholesale Fruit & Vegetable Market to support the city council's recycling programme and the future of the market site in relation to possible Children’s Services’development proposals and can inform you of the following.

Over recent months the City Council in conjunction with its partner Veolia has been implementing a major waste management initiative that will see a major improvement in the council's recycling performance. This will involve residents being supplied with a blue recycling wheelie bin that will enable them to recycle a large proportion of their household waste.

To support Veolia in expediting the roll out of the new wheelie bins the markets partnership was in a position to provide temporary storage facilities for bins and a longer term operational base for the recycling vehicles; this proposal was supported through the relevant planning process. The bin roll out and recycling operation is progressing well; although there were some initial teething problems and sensitivities with a minority of local residents, Geraud Markets Liverpool Ltd resolved the local residents concerns and introduced some minor operational changes in the storage of the vehicles that has addressed residents’ concerns.

Finally, in regard to the future of the wholesale market site in the wake of a first phase study finding questioning the future sustainability of the wholesale market at this location; Geraud. Our Markets partner is currently progressing the second phase of the study with the completion of a business case looking at options for relocation of the wholesale market that will be completed over the next few months. Against that background, Children’s Services Portfolio has identified the site as a potential future education hub and is exploring that proposal."

Has it wheely bin that long? said...

It's always a 'minority of local residents' isn't it?

Councillors seldom question the legitimacy of their own mandates from 'a minority of local residents'.

Louise Baldock said...

Not sure which entry this quote comes from, wheely bin. Not this one as far as I can see.

But you are right to identify what is known as the "democratic deficit". I was well aware last year that I was elected by only a proportion of the electorate, the turnout was about 25%. This year the combined campaigning efforts of the candidates and their supporters pushed the turnout up to 30% which is a big improvement but we have so much more to do.

Liverpool is well known nationally for its poor turnouts, I would put that down to 18 years of Tory governments which ground Liverpool people down as no matter who they voted for locally they were still stuck with Maggie's anti-Scouse Government.

I dont know any councillors of any party who are happy with the turnout, even though it improved right across the city this year.

We all need to do more to engage local people all year round so that when it comes to election times they do feel they have a stake in the result.

Thanks for bringing this up, what suggestions do you have for improving turnout and engagement?

Louise Baldock said...

Oh I spot it now, it was a quote from an officer of the council, talking about people in Stanley being anxious about the council's plans to store wheely bins on the market. As I said, it was not one of my ward issues so I dont know much about it. I took this up after residents in a Kenny Regen meeting asked me to, as the councillor in attendance.

If you want the detail you would have to ask Cllr Berni Turner, the LibDem councillor in charge of recycling and an Old Swan Councillor.