Monday, May 21, 2007

Election to Labour Group Executive Board

I am very proud to have been elected to the Labour Group Executive Board as Policy Convenor, thus a promotion to "front bencher".

Essentially my role will be to work with LP members, councillors and supporters, Shadow Spokespeople on the Labour Group, senior officers and the Leader and the Campaign Convenor to draw up a manifesto for the City of Liverpool that we can campaign around

I am very excited about it!

I have also been asked to be the Labour Deputy on the Sustainable Environment Select Committee, with a place on a whole host of relevant committees, like Merseyside Waste Authority, the Port Health Authority and the Environmental Regulation committee. I do hope my life is not going to become too meetings based, I like to be in the community best but am looking forward to learning lots of new stuff and making my contribution to these big topics.


Ken said...

Well done Lou. Just don't let 'them' co-opt you into running round attending too many committees.

Some are worthwhile, but the streets are where the real people live! Fingers and friends forgot that.

Catherine said...

Congratulations - I'm sure you'll do a brilliant job!

Labour's Loudmouth said...

Paint the Lambanana red!

Kevin said...

congrats louise

im sure you will do a good job

can you keep your eye on social services please and do all you can to make sure it stays under city coucil control. and continues to have nothing to do with that "lovely" organsation LDL.

rumours have been heard...