Friday, May 04, 2007

Mike Storey's result in Wavertree

Sorry, I know you were all waiting breathlessly to learn how Mike Storey did in Wavertree, given that he had repeatedly told us how close it was.

Ermm... he won by a shed and a half.

About 1800 or so

So what do you know?

It was either very poor polling on their part that suggested things were close, or dare I say it, a whopping big LIE!

You decide

So he is BACK and fighting (oh no, bad choice of word)

Game is now on for the election of the new leader of the LibDems and the city

Place your bets, the wheel is spinning...............


Labour's Loudmouth said...

Having witnessed Bruiser Bradley's behaviour, it can't be long until Mike Storey comes back now, Bradley's finished.

Storey certainly didn't seem particularly worried about his result, click here to check out the interview he gave to the Liverpool Daily Post!

I also love Warren Bradley's response, particularly when a certain individual's rather distinctive ringtone can be heard in the background! Had me in stitches.

Louise Baldock said...

Not sure where Fire Man Bradley's claim that we were after 8 to 10 seats come from??

It was a triumph though, whichever way you look at it, fracas aside.

For women and for Liverpool and for Labour

Arson around said...

Fireman Bradley has his work cut out dousing arson attacks in the council properties he is responsible for. Mike Storey brought the office of Liverpool Leader into disrepute.

Don't we deserve better than these two?

Angela Davis said...


Alan Stubbs said...

We were the first club in the city,you wouldn't be here if it wasn't for us. You were a joke until 1965.You won't get away with another fluke. Milan will stuff you in Athens

Forza Milan !

White Hart said...

I think if we can hold on to Berbatov we can make a proper push for the Champions League and do the Gooners next season.

Michael Thomas said...

Spurs ?Champion's League? you are havin a giraffe.

Louise Baldock said...

The stats show that the above posts were all created by the same sad sorry person who is also close to being personally identified by their server ID. You cannot run far enough or fast enough.

And you will be shamed, at some point.

Actually I might ask Richard Marbrow to help me pin you down, he has had some experience of discovering which computers were involved with Tony Parrish's blog(marvellous man, Ed)

Two can play at that game

Kennylad said...

Speaking of Tony Parrish, there is some eye-popping stuff on his latest blog about Cllr Clucas being reported to the Standards Board by Joe Anderson.

Can this council bring any more shame on itself?

Type 'Liverpool Subculture' into Google and see for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Can Anderson even spell standards board?

Anonymous said...

Yep. He also keeps them...