Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mass intimidation tactics today but they wont work

The LibDems are rising to new heights of intimidation today.

First I was copied by Cllr Bradley into an email to Pauline Walton telling her that it was now 23 hours since his demand that she stop what she was doing and furnish him with the name of the officer who told her whatever it was about the waste facility. Not sure what he thinks gives him the right to behave like this. Particularly interesting to note that it was a strike day today for civil servants fed up with having their rights eroded.
I wonder what LCC staff would make of their elected leader saying he was going to have someone disciplined as soon as she gave him the name.

Not quite behaviour that UNISON would approve of methinks.

And then Cllr Jan Clein wrote to Colin Hilton, LCC Chief Executive, complaining that I had said that RM had had the meeting stopped in CML yesterday. He wrote and asked me for comments (Colin Hilton that is). I replied saying he should take it up with Tony Hunter to whom I made a lengthy and detailed complaint yesterday about this very matter. I will not put up with my important council work being interfered with and hijacked by these people. I have saved the the Lomond Road development from considerable and very costly delays and saved the authority huge sums of money. I have also saved the face of this truly dreadful council by organising that meeting.

Of course the LibDems wont know this or understand it because they never took the time to find out what the meeting was for or what the implications were if it did not go ahead. But officers knew which was why they jumped at the chance to hold it, and now Tony Hunter knows because I gave him chapter and verse in my complaint.

Local people know too how important that meeting was and will be giving their verdict in two days time.

RM did insist officers did not attend, I have had that confirmed at the highest levels.
Councillor Clein would do well to concentrate on the campaign in Greenbank and leave me to sort out the HMRI plans for Fairfield.

I dont know how they have got away with this sort of behaviour in the past, but let me tell all those LibDems who I know pay such close attention to my muses, you wont get away with it any more. We wont put up with it any longer. You have been warned, the fight back has already started. These intimidatory tactics will not work any more. Officers are acutely aware that they may well have new political masters (and mistresses) in 12 months time and they wont want to damage those relationships by agreeing to your silly games.

Your bullying days are over, though you can stamp your feet and lie on the ground and drum your heels all you like.

We wont be playing that game any more and I doubt very much if officers will either come May 4th

You have been warned!

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One Stop Shop said...

Go on girls - get these hapless timewasters out so we can rescue residents from this council's pathetic playground antics.