Tuesday, May 01, 2007

More horoscopes

Monday's Claire Petulegro horoscopes

LB - Dreams and ambitions finally come within your reach...

Marbrow - Honesty can only be a good thing though, especially after last week's lies.

(I can see you dont believe me, read them for yourself!)

A friend of mine with a birthday this week should be pleased to read that it says that "Put yourself out, it is sure to make yourself, as well as others, feel good, my friend"

Further bad news for Sagittarians "Events from the last few days may well cause you to ponder who your true friends are. Someone seems to have let you down in some way and those born under the sign of Leo are significant"

I can scarcely breath in anticipation of learning when Cllr Bradley and Cllr Storey's birthdays are...

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