Friday, May 04, 2007

Stories from the count and the day

The defeated LibDem in Warbreck apparently went through so many colour changes in his face that he would have made a good litmus paper test.

Janet Kent won well in Belle Vale despite apparently living in a mansion. Police investigations are likely to ensue over certain actions but I dont want to go there until there is more to say, dont want to prejudice the case.

Mary Rasmussen won Speke by yet another 800 votes, that is all three seats won in 12 months by a healthy majority, so much for the LibDems' campaign strategist who thought up the byelection wheeze. Sack him, oh not it is okay, the voters sacked him instead.

The LibDems in Anfield, with the failed LibDem candidate from Speke in attendance, were taking a man round the ward who claimed to be a bin man facing the sack. I hope someone got that on camera too, disgraceful behaviour but it obviously worked as their lies helped win them the seat. (Paula has now asked me to say that she did not meet a bin man, fake or otherwise on polling day. Happy to make that clear. She obviously was not in on the ruse.)

According to all the papers, the LibDem leader (for now) Warren Bradley, hit our candidate for Croxteth, Jim Noakes, in another melee as they recounted Croxteth for the umpteenth time. (Jim lost by 10 votes in the end). Shocking, for the people of this city to see photos in the Echo of our leader having to be separated from the counting staff by ranks of burly coppers with folded arms. What image does this give for 2008 city of culture? City of yob culture more like!

One of our newly elected councillors has told me that as she arrived to sign her papers today, she saw cllr Bradley and cllr Storey on the steps in the middle of a big row. I bet we can all guess what that was all about - blips and blows I would think.

Former Councillor Marbrow turned up this morning to the umpteenth plus one recount in Croxteth where it transpired that he was actually the agent. So not only did he clear off leaving Cllr Doran to do his best to get another recount in K&F and save the day, which I have to say, all hats off to him, he was vociferously trying to to without success; and not only did he not stay to shake Wendy's hand, something that Jimmy Kendrick did last year to his eternal credit but he didnt even stay around to supervise the fisticuffs in Croxteth, a total disgrace to his party.

He was alive and well and looking okay as far as we can tell.

Jim Noakes came to our afternoon drinks, bruised (literally) but unbowed to a big round of applause. He has lots of years in him yet, beware.

Lots of talk about how the results affect the balance of power on various committees and outside bodies and who should hustle for what. All very exciting and lots of opportunites in K&F for Wendy and I who now have the balance of power in the Prescot Road and Drive debate for instance. How glad a I though that we only have to go through this once a year...


Prescot Driver said...

Wise words Louise, the Lib Dems have shamed our city so many times they deserve to rot like the streets they have left to rack and ruin.

Here's to a Labour landslide in 2008!

Anonymous said...

Come on Lou, the last post was great but you've sank yourself again! Richard is not a disgrace, he's a legend has had my back many a time.

And as for Warren being a yob... that's a disgraceful accusation. My friend's were threatened by Anderson at the last council meeting... does this make him a yob as well?

Come on Louise, show some consideration. You're a bright girl after all.

Fair Play Fairfield said...

Affect the balance of power! you are so deluded dearest.....
Your share of the vote across the city fell,even in the seats you won.When the people who find themselves served by you realise how self seeking and self serving you are you will be out on your ear.
Politics and religion don't mix,remember that Oh saintly one ! Also it should be the best candidate for the job , not just the "let's put a woman up" campaign. Talent should win out, no one should be selected because of gender.
How offensive !
Also where do you stand on abortion the Women of Fairfield deserve to know! Defend our rights or does Jesus stand in your way ?

Louise Baldock said...

It is not a delusion to note that Labour now has the balance of power on the Neighbourhood Committee, nor a delusion to note that there are now two Labour councillors in K&F and only one LibDem. That is a matter of fact and we intend to make the most of it by fighting for our constituents from a position of increased strength.

Nothing delusional about that!

I have never claimed to be saintly or godly, just a Methodist, like millions of others. Not sure how the Methodists of this country will feel to learn that the LibDems despise them all. Might be something we have to ask Menzies Campbell about.

I dont see you criticise LibDem councillors who are Christians, shall I ask those of them who I have met at worship whether they think you are right to criticise me for believing in God? You have a very warped view of Christianity if you ask me.

There is no "let's put a woman up" campaign in Liverpool, the best candidates were selected and then elected, it is coincidence that they were women, or rather it was women who were putting themselves keenly forward and being supported by local people - unless you believe that the public are all in on the plot? We were selected and elected for our ability and that is why we won. QED.

Mind you, as a woman, I cannot say that I am not thrilled by that, as any member of a party with any concept of proportional representation would understand, ordinarily.

I am not aware that abortion is a matter for local government, so not sure where this has come from.
This post smacks to me of jealousy and bitterness and anger at the results in the city.

You need to rise above this, it does not dignify the LibDems.