Sunday, May 13, 2007

Gordon Brown's bid for the leadership

I just got this email from Gordon Brown

I thought it would be interesting for all readers of the blog

"I wanted to email to explain that I have decided to stand as leader of the Labour Party because I want to make my contribution to meeting the challenges ahead. There is so much more to do to make Britain the country we all want it to be.

I believe I have the values to understand what Britain needs, a record of experience that is an asset to the Labour party, and the right vision for the future of the country.

I know where I come from, what I believe, and what I can contribute.

What drew the British people to new Labour in the 1990s was that we would give priority to the needs of hard working families – and this must drive all our decisions now and in the future.
I want to learn from you about how we can reach out to renew the coalition that brought us to power in three successive elections. Together I know we can win an historic fourth term for our party.

You can read the statement I made at the launch of the campaign on Friday. If you have any comments or want to get involved please visit the campaign website
Gordon Brown"

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