Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Eve of Poll, and my feet are killing me....

Couple of funny stories today, both are unfortunately at my own expense....

The first is that, having now received my leaflet from Tim Beaumont, the LP candidate in Wavertree, I see that he is being strongly supported and endorsed by a woman who looks uncannily like me and lives in my road but who is named Lousie!

The second is that Oliver Martins, Tony Concepcion and I went to a school gate this afternoon to chat to parents and encourage them to vote. We blew up a load of gas filled balloons from the boot of the car, and thrust each one past the rear parcel shelf into the car as we went along. After we had done about as many as we might need, I bobbed down to look in the car window to check how many balloons there were, and the car was empty! We then noticed the sun roof was open and we looked up into the sky to see all the balloons floating far up above us.
We laughed that much we nearly had to be resuscitated by passers-by.

Another great day with people stopping Wendy and I in the street to shake our hands and wish us well. Now we just have to get them all out to vote tomorrow!

The wonderful leaflet full of endorsers has gone down really well. I cannot remember how many endorsers there were now, about 30 or so?

Everyone is backing Wendy Simon!

Three times today people spied us walking past and came out of their houses to shout encouragement up the street.
We got a full ward drop out today, the team was nearly on its knees by 8pm when the last leaflet was delivered but the feedback has been incredible.

I cannot wait for tomorrow, hope the weather holds, I predict "blips" right across the city, it is going to be great.

The only sour note was the disgraceful antics in Belle Vale which I cannot say too much about as it is now the subject of police proceedings.

We could see another five Labour women newly elected tomorrow and perhaps a couple of Labour men too.

I dont know what my prediction is really, but I would say we should hit more of our targets than we had initially imagined and maybe even a few we had not previously anticipated

Bring it on!


Cath Ingham said...

I do hope you get the result you want - you have worked hard for it. We certainly miss you over here.

Louise Baldock said...

Thanks Cath, text me with anything interesting. We are counting on Thursday night. I would like to know what happens in Crosland Moor for sure

love Louise

Capaldi said...

Kensington expects.... it will be a bleak day indeed if the risible Invisible is still incumbent on Friday.

Good luck to you ladies.

Richard said...

Hi Louise

Just a quick message to wish you well in todays election.

Louise Baldock said...

Will post later properly but just want you to know that Wendy won!

Thanks to all Kenny and Fairfield voters and supporters

Richard said...

congratulations to the Labour team in Liverpool. 5 gains - excellent result.

Labour's Loudmouth said...

It seems Cllr Bradley has decided to refer to this year's 5 "blips" as a "minor hiccup". I'm looking forward to next year's burps.

Fire when ready said...

Rejoice! Rejoice! We're coming for you next Frank... or you could give up and call a by-election, go and retire to a nice new Belway home, far from the fires of Fairfield.

Frankie D said...

I thall never go, you thall not thtop me! I am the nemethith!

the masked floating voter said...

Thop taking the pith