Monday, May 28, 2007

Alex's 8th birthday watch

I took advantage of the bank holiday weekend to spend some time with my family on Teesside.

Alex has just had his 8th birthday and asked me for a "Constant Boy's Digital Watch".

He chose it himself from what my mate Lisa calls the "book of dreams" otherwise known as the Argos catalogue.

It was the best £6.99 I have ever spent. He was thrilled with it, he and his brother spent hours running round the house, up and down the stairs, timing themselves on the stop watch. He cannot wait to get to Spain today on holiday to test it in the water either but I am not sure he will get down to 50m so he may have to take the manufacturer's word for that.

I found this all quietly amusing until I recalled that on my 8th birthday, back in 1973 (yes I really am that old), I too had a watch, a smashing little timex which, apart from the fact that we were on holiday in Dartmouth, is the only thing I can remember about such an auspicious occasion.

Can you remember what your 8th birthday present was? Was it a watch?

He asked me if it was a 13 hour digital watch, I said yes, well, 24 hour actually. And he said he knew that to work the time out, you had to take off ten and then take off two. I wondered about that, I dont recall learning maths that way, I am sure I have always "taken twelve off" but it sounds much easier his way.

He also wanted some pyjamas and seemed very pleased with them too, and they say that it is hard to satisfy children these days. Perhaps we have the worst still to come?