Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hot off the press

Couple of interesting items for today's campaign update

1. Not content with bullying Janet Kent, Labour's candidate in Belle Vale, throughout this election, Cllr Bradley has today written to Labour councillor Pauline Walton, demanding that she tells him which officer told her the truth about the proposed dump in the area. He has given her until 9am on Tuesday morning.

Interesting that he thinks he can make such demands of Labour politicians, of course we will not be complying. Cheeky sod, who does he think he is? It is not our job to tell him what his staff are saying, if he had a better grip of them then he would know anyway.

Young Daniel believes he is just trying to bully the Labour women in Belle Vale but that returns show that these hard-working stalwarts will be triumphant on the day, the voters at least know who is doing the business for them. Cllrs currently representing the people told them six weeks ago they would not be coming to any more meetings until after May 3rd because of purdah. Local Labour Party activists are bemused, purdah only applies to officers, they have carried on representing electors, as they should, regardless.

Great day in K&F today. We got the rest of our leaflets out, exposing Cllr Invisible for the total and absolute contempt in which he holds local people by never ever turning up to any of their meetings. We also clearly identified Labour's positive agenda for each of the nine areas we covered.

Most bemusing of all was the three calls from residents in the Holly Road neighbourhood who received leaflets today from the LibDems that they had already had 12 months ago. Orange leaflets with Cllr Bradley on the front, bemoaning the closure of local post offices (still hasnt happened) the insides ask voters to support Jimmy Kendrick. I beat him 12 months ago and now he is standing in Anfield instead hoping they wont have noticed.

So the question is this really.
1. Are the LibDems as rubbish in their leaflet delivery as they are in their service delivery, or
2. Is there a dissident LibDem out there who has deliberately messed this up to help get rid of the LibDem candidate once and for all

You decide!


Anonymous said...

interesting to hear about Belle vale- my old stamping ground- banged on a few doors there when it was Netherley ward- great days and not a Lib dem in sight

The Libs were not to be trusted then - you never give them an inch

i always remember a Lib councillor saying the 1980's Labour councillors were " national socialists " only for the late Ken Stewart to get up and remind him that hed been a paratrooper in WW2 and in the best put down of all time said that He'd killed better men - that was real politics

Anonymous said...

Dear Louise

bullying in politics or political campaigning is always to be condemned.

In this light I would be interested in your comments on the morals of circling in a car and threatening a grandmother and her grandchild. That's what happened to moira roderick when she was out in speke last year. And that's before I get onto the various threats made to other people.and the various items that were thrown at others who were simply campaigning.

This behaviour is not to be tolerated.. and in fact some decent members of labour apologised to me after 2006 for what went on in speke. I had to say I took this with a pinch of salt. If the labour party really didn't like these tactics they could have stopped using them.

And I wonder whether it is really appropriate for your leader to yell abuse at me across three lanes of carriageway from his car when all I was doing was waiting for a lift. Trying to bully a woman perhaps.

Suggest you guys get your own house in order


Elm Park resident said...

Their service delivery really is as rubbish as their leaflets. Our street in Elm Park hasn't been swept for three months.

Louise Baldock said...


If LP members have really done the things you say then I would support you entirely in feeling angry or hurt or any other similar emotion.

Happy to meet up with you and talk it over. It is no good my trying to sort your side out with their disgraceful tactics (and I have so far kept off the particularly vile behaviour of Cllr Richard Kemp)if anyone in my party is doing the same.

Genuine sisterly hugs, poltical debate and argument is one thing, genuine intimidation is quite another.


Kemp it up said...

Cllr Kemp is a lovely character, as any Boot estate resident will confirm. Wasn't he writing a book with the last Chief Executive? Maybe the latter doesn't need it now he has his £330k pay off from the Lib Dem council to play with.

Anonymous said...

Louise, thank you for your strong stance vis a vis workers control, Emma Goldman would be proud of you.