Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tuesday's campaign update

Got Wendy's final leaflet printed and put into rounds today, ready to go out tomorrow, it is a knock-out.

Cannot wait to get it out into people's houses.

Two funny stories today - LibDem Councillor Robbie Quinn was caught red-handed knicking our not very well delivered leaflets from a letter box by Jane Corbett's agent who was leafletting on the other side of the road, as they were helping their mate Brian Dowling in Anfield.

A leaflet has gone out from the LibDems in West Derby saying that the people of Wavertree are backing him...!

Some of those voters who voted for Elizabeth Pascoe and the Liberal Party have been in to see me today, they wanted posters as they are backing Wendy this time. I expect it was the endorsement from Jonathan Brown that has tipped the balance. So, I was right, those 180 votes that are up for grabs following the decision of Liberals to withdraw, in a pact with the LibDems, are coming to us.

Goodie goodie! Wendy's majority is stacking up nicely.

We have just re-polled a sample 200 Labour promises from across the ward, identified in the last 5 years, 185 are firm, 5 against and 10 undecided, that is a fantastic, I dont think I have ever seen a vote hold up so well before.

We went to Latham Court residents meeting again this morning, a lovely sunny day and a great turnout. They are pleased with the action we are taking on their behalf and we got a very warm reception.

Was going to go home early tonight, about half past eight but then discovered my hand-bag had been locked in the office. So while I waited for someone to turn up with the keys I spent some time with Brian Dowling helping him stick labels on some very nice cards he is putting out tomorrow. There were about ten of us so we soon got the job done.

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