Tuesday, May 01, 2007

CML meeting

Cllr Invisible (who nobody recognised) and his sidekick (ditto in the main) turned up at my CML meeting today.

That was totally amazing because
1. They had just forced officers not to turn up as they didnt want me getting the upper hand
2. Officers had agreed not to turn up as LibDems were not invited/coming
3. No-one thought the LibDems even knew where CML was

They tried to muscle in unsuccessfully but seeing as they didnt know either the residents or the issues they were left floundering and posturing while I actually got on and resolved the issues for these lovely people.

Shameful, it reflected badly on them and on the council for kowtowing to them. But not for much longer, I give Cllr Invisible about 3 days - "Who did you say he was? How long did you say he has been my councillor?" and his mate about 368 days.

In the meantime, we got on despite them and sorted out our three main issues. Officers now understand that they will accede to our three reasonable demands or face a mass protest in the magistrates court on Thursday, I am satisfied they will see the sense in all three.

1-0 to Labour's common sense, practical approach to get the job done!


Richard said...

Wot's CML?

Louise Baldock said...

CML = Cheviot, Middleton, Lindale and is the residents' association that covers that area.

(LOL, someone posting as "Richard")