Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tails from the trail

The following two stories which made me laugh or raise my eyebrows were told to me in good faith but might have no basis in fact

They are in fact purely "alleged"

So take them on that basis

Rumour has it that Richard Marbrow was chased down the street somewhere in Elm Vale by a big dog, friendly but a bit of a barker. He was heard to cry for help as he clambered on a wall to escape. I am told he was never in a scrap of danger from this friendly dog, who simply wanted to prove to himself that his eyes weren't deceiving him and that this really was the invisible man himself.

Warren Bradley was out campaigning for Richard Roberts in Warbreck (I dont think that is in dispute) when it is alleged a woman told him she was voting for Labour's Ann O'Byrne. The leader of Liverpool City Council is alleged to have fallen back to position B and said to said voter "But it is really a vote for me....!!"

Poor old Richard Roberts, not even his leader puts him first, what a refreshing arrogance.

I am sure this is all entirely not true though, right guys?

Lots more stories available if you like to hear them!

PS The streets and pavements of K&F are littered lately with LibDem leaflets that have been thrown back by disgruntled voters. What a mess they make!

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