Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Good news and bad news with CML residents

Wendy and I went to a meeting of the CML residents on Thursday. That is Cheviot, Middleton and Lindale Roads off Edge Lane.

It was a lively meeting where we talked about the long list of snaggings that are still outstanding on their homes despite all promises to the contrary about it being sorted out by the end of the financial year last week.

I have promised to have another go at the builders on their behalf.

That nice man Julian from McAlpines came along too to talk about their work on Edge Lane with all the resurfacing, new granite sets, pavements, tree planting and so on and so forth. He has been really great with CML residents since I pointed out that he had forgotten to include them in any consultation or update about the road closure last month while the new surface was being laid.

Nothing is too much trouble for him now.

He is working very hard on their behalf, redesigning the road, hoping to bring traffic lights in to help with the way in and out of the estate, they were very impressed. He also told us that he has persuaded LLDC to put a crossing on Edge Lane Drive. I said I wished I had that power and asked him to see if he could persuade them to put one on the junction of Laurel Road and Prescot Road. We all know that once a cross-city route is opened up through the Technology Park that road junction will be totally unmanageable - the traffic flow will increase massively as people who usually use either Durning Road or Rathbone Road move onto this road. Traffic lights are the only asnwer. I think he understood the point I was making in the end and vowed to give his support to the idea.

The bad news was that the committee had been there for three years and were tired and wanted a rest. No-one took their place, so it might be the end of the Association. I was really upset, not sure what can be done though. It wasnt helped by the failure of the Officer from Kensington Regeneration to turn up, knowing as she did that this was their AGM.

I will ask them to try again to support these residents who are going to need lots of help as the new development is being built on Lomond Road on the entrance to their estate.

It was a very warm and friendly meeting, I really enjoyed it.

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