Thursday, April 26, 2007

Elm Park residents AGM

Wendy and I were pleased to attend the AGM of Elm Park residents on Wednesday.

The two main areas of concern that we were involved in discussing were some scary anti-social behaviour type issues with a vulnerable young female teenager (which I wont go into but the police are now already acting on at my request) and problems with rubbish and bins which I will go into.

The entries behind Hinton and Ottley run for long distances along Geneva and Ottley too. Someone is going through the bin bags between collections and masquerading as an official. The worry is that he is trying to steal identities. Have promised action on this, perhaps some more enforcement action like that which we have authorised on the Molyneux side.

A very hard working group of people, we always enjoy joining them. They put out a plea for more younger members as many committee members have been active for a long time, dont intend to pack in any time soon but would like to see some new blood coming through all the same.

If you live in Elm Park and want to get involved, let me know!


Elm Vale resi said...

Is this the same as the Elm Vale RA? I've lived just off there for a while but never been invited to any meetings?

Louise Baldock said...

No, I have not as yet been invited to any Elm Vale residents, if there are any. Elm Park is Sheil Road to Rufford I think, I didnt ask them their circulation area.

There is a Fairfield Residents Association we go to, based on Fairfield Crescent and Prospect Vale if that is any good to you?