Sunday, April 01, 2007

Minister for Police, Tony McNulty MP, visits Kensington and Fairfield

Tony McNulty was in Liverpool today to listen to Cllr Warren Bradley's request for more money for police in 2008.

Apparently it did not go well as Cllr Bradley called him "a waste of time" in the paper the next day. Just the sort of professional, thoughtful, grown-up attitude we look for in our elected leaders. No wonder the LibDems in Liverpool dont see some of their childishly expressed demands met.

That is not to say that they dont always ask for support that I would welcome, but their total lack of grace or finesse must have a lot to do with their failure to succeed.

Anyway, afterwards, Tony took time to come to Kensington and Fairfield and meet some of the key people and organisations fighting anti-social behaviour as a partnership in the area.

We met at Community 7 office (which is officially opened next week by no less a figure than the Bishop of Liverpool). They have really put their money where their mouth is, funding 14 community wardens (yes that is right, 14, count them) and staff dedicated to fighting Anti-Social Behaviour, mainly the dynamic and energetic and dedicated Christine Flood who is a real asset to the whole community.

Jane Kennedy had set the meeting up to show Tony what we are up to locally, and Wendy and I were delighted to help with the invite list. We asked Frank Richardson to come along, who is sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce to fight ASB on behalf of local businesses and has created the As One group which I also sit on. He is an ex policeman and really knows his stuff.

We also invited Maria Grimes (there she is again) and Alan Kelly of Kensington Regeneration who work closely with the Community Safety Group.

And there were of course the leader of the wardens and some of the wardens themselves

All working very well together to fight crime and anti-social behaviour in the area

The police would have been there too had they not got cold feet because of Purdah (that is the time when civil servants and public servants have to be careful of doing anything political in the run up to the election.)

I took great delight though in emphasising to the Minister that here in Kensington the partnership was not just in name only, it was a true partnership, where no-one was hide-bound to egos or seniority and we were all friendly with each other as well as doing our very best for the community.

These people are a real credit to the community and Wendy and I have just prepared a leaflet which I hope will give them some of the kudos they so rightly deserve.

I think they were all chuffed to be asked to come along, Tony was impressed too with their work, and rightly so.

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