Saturday, April 28, 2007

More campaign stories from Liverpool

A friend of a friend has told me that Councillor Mike Storey is alleged to have told Councillor Malcolm Kennedy at a NWDA event that the three Warbreck Councillors "are not three of our best councillors". That's okay Mike, one of them is on their way out any day now. Ann O'Byrne practically had a standing ovation at a recent community policing meeting, and guess who was leading the applause? No, I wont say, but there is a clue in there somewhere (and it wasn't a LibDem).

Jim Noakes, Labour candidate in Croxteth, has had a three page letter from the Unionist supporting LibDem candidate's solicitor moaning about Jim's exposing his political past. Jim is tempted to let the situation go to court so that he can call Rev Ian Paisley as a witness.

I got a glossy leaflet from Mike Storey today, he is clearly making up for his earlier neglect from this his most ardent reader. He is still saying "It is so close here", our Tim must be getting quite excited, he didn't think he had much chance to be honest, and this time the front cover has a big photo of Colin standing in front of his LibDem colleagues and wannabes. They are all joyfully fisting the air, presumably in anticipation of his joyful return to the leadership any day now. The caption says "We're all backing Mike Storey". Make of that what you will. Interestingly, Cllr Bradley has had to strain his neck even to be seen, tucked right behind Cllr Storey as he is. You can almost see the plaintive "Hello, I'm in here too somewhere" bubble coming out of his mouth.

If I can find a scanner I am going to have to let you see this!

Who takes these pictures? Don't they have the sense they were born with? I think it is slapdash, rather than deliberate, although it is tempting to think that someone has lined the shot up that way on purpose.

I dont think much to their campaigning professionalism, they wouldnt win many awards for marketing or PR.

I am a bit disappointed too in that nice young man, Tom for peddling the twice a month myth. I don't want to say more than that though as it is a matter of public record that I was naive enough to have voted for the SDP in my first General Election. I expect the scales will fall from his eyes soon enough.

Otherwise Mike has made a reasonable job of the rest of the leaflet. Shiny and in colour and plenty of photos of him on his own, leaning on different items of street furniture, so that is okay then.

I see the One Stop Shop in Wavertree has two mentions and two photos. Richard Marbrow would have liked photos of him in front of Kensington's One Stop Shop I expect, only he decided to spend the money on the tourist information office in the city centre in the end, instead of building one, so that has turned out to be a bit of a wasted photo opportunity, darn!

We had a good day on the streets today. This morning we spent some time on CML which was very productive - more on that later. Then after lunch Arlene McCarthy MEP came to join us. We were knocking on doors in Kensington able to offer residents the full Labour team at their service, candidate, Councillor, MP and MEP - and all women. Labour in Liverpool is streets ahead of the rest when it comes to the representation of women.

The only sour moment was when TA soldier (dont know his rank but I expect it is quite high), Councillor Frank Doran came along leafletting, sporting his army back pack, and stopped to harangue Wendy for ten minutes as she chatted to two ladies on the doorstep. The women whose house they were at were appalled by him and the things he said and the way he behaved and his undignified hectoring. Ironically they didnt recognise him, although he has been their councillor for over 30 years.

His visit fully convinced them they were right to vote Labour, great vote winner Frank, will you come out with us all the time from now on please!

We had a good response, found lots of new Labour promises and got a lot more posters up. It was such a beautiful sunny day too.

Spent a few hours putting some more endorsers on more leaflets. People are so pleased to be asked to join in the campaign for a Labour Liverpool.

A really good positive feeling in the campaign centre today, everyone is getting a warm welcome on the streets in all of our key seats. Lots of joking and smiling and everyone mucking in together. We have stuffed envelopes for Speke, folded leaflets for Picton, laid out newsletters for Anfield, phoned voters in St Michael's... I love elections!


Louise Baldock said...

I just have to throw this in...

Have been reading Claire Petulengro's star signs in the Echo.

RM's says "It would appear that you have been influenced into making a decision which you are already regretting."

(One stop shop anyone? Or letting Frank Doran leaflet today?)

Whereas mine says "After 2pm you receive some news which will give you cause for celebration".

That could be just about anything really, it has been such a nice day.

If other politicians want to come clean on their birthdays I can post some more up....

Louise Baldock said...

Scorpio looks good for the rare LibDem endorser

"Some of the people you are mixing with right now dont seem to be your type. Their ways and yours are very different. Dont rely on promises of deliveries. Make alternative plans."

I wonder if Cllr Bradley is a Saggitarius?

"You had hoped that a close one would be part of what you are planning to do but it is clear to see now that they dont intend to help at all."

Great fun speculating...

Kennylad said...

For what it's worth, I walked round Fairfield this weekend and saw ten Labour posters, and no Lib Dem ones.