Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Full list of candidates published

The full list of candidates was published last week.

A couple of surprises in Kensington and Fairfield

A woman is standing for the BNP and because of her surname she will be first on the ballot paper. This is very bad news because there is a lot of racial tension in the area and their presence could really inflame things. I also worry that the public will allow her more credibility than she merits, just because she is a woman.

The other surprise is that the Liberal Party has obviously done a deal with the Liberal Democrats, in that they are not standing a candidate this year, for the first time, in Kensington and Fairfield, while the LibDems are not standing a candidate in Clubmoor Ward where the Liberal Party came second last year.

What deceitful conniving opportunistic bastards they are.

I think it is unheard of for a ruling political party not to field a candidate in a local election. It just shows how desperate they are to cling on to power in Kensington and Fairfield if they are prepared to make a national laughing stock of themselves in Clubmoor to try and save their man. It is a total waste of time of course as our polls show that the Liberal voters wouldn't vote LibDem for a gold clock, they think they are all "splitters" (fancy that).

Steve Radford's credibility has just gone right out of the window too

It is a bloody disgrace and both parties should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves

We of course are going to concentrate on our campaign to ask voters to support Wendy Simon because she is going to do a really good job for them. She certainly wont be the second-best runner-up candidate that people are asked to vote for because their first choice pulled out!


A voter said...

Oh dear oh dear oh dear poor Louise I thought that when Elizabeth Pascoe innocently suggested last year that she had "helped" Labour (you) get in then you apparently gave her a flea in her ear on the grounds that you had done it all by yourself !

Are you agreeing that that wasnt the case after all now Louise?

The Green Arrow said...

"I also worry that the public will allow her more credibility than she merits, just because she is a woman."

Do you realise how patronizing that sounds. No wonder people are flocking to the B.N.P. if that is the kind of nonsense floating around in your head.

lorenzo23 said...

I forgot about the Liberal / Lib-Dem split 'cos we don't have the old Liberals here in Manchester.

So that must make the Lib-Dems a party of two splitters - Lib splitters, and Social Democrats (Labour splitters). It all comes clear now - it's not a Party it's a franchise of opportunists.

Louise Baldock said...

Cllr Radford, how kind of you to join us.

What I told Elizabeth was that she had polled the same votes in 2006 as her predecessor had done in 2004 and therefore could not be said to have influenced the result in my election.

However, the total lack of a Liberal Party candidate this time means that 250 votes are potentially up for grabs by one of the other parties.

Obviously and you Cllr Invisible have decided that these votes will go to him, I however think you are wrong.

Louise Baldock said...

Hello Green Arrow, I see your website supports the BNP.

I dont think we need to engage any further do we? I shant take any behavioural tips from you, thank you very much

Kennylad said...

I like it Lorenzo, "a franchise of opportunists" - what a great description of the dismal Lib-Dem lot Liverpool is lumbered with these days.

Not liberal and not democratic - just crap, corrupt and incompetent.

richie W said...

unesessary barb at steve radford id say

the most popular cllr with the electorate bar none. why dont you go and stand agaisnt him in tuebrook louise and see how you get on?

im sure in a general election labour have done similar things. seem to remeember it was mooted to get rid of Lord coe in devon years ago.

Louise Baldock said...


A very ironic and somewhat amusing contribution, thank you.

I could say to you that if he is as marvellous as you say then he can come and put up against me, let's see who the voters choose then. But oh, wait a minute, he isnt putting a candidate up in K&F is he.

He cannot find anyone interested enough in the Liberal Party to stand for them, not even those in the north Fairfield end who he represented just a few short years ago before the boundary changes.

The public will make their own minds up about how much Steve Radford or his party care about K&F

And we all know what the answer will be!

Anonymous said...

A unique situation as we dont have old liberals in warrington.

You should be able to defeat the lib dems on your own merits without the liberals helping you with a split vote.

I think you will do it!

If my memory serves me correct, labour will be fine in any seat in the north of liverpool.


richie W said...

louise, surely the issue here that you are accusing steve of is tactically not standing a candidate and in reward the useless dems not standing one in clubmoor so they can win.

I dont see the problem. all fair in love and politics id say.

I think steve, hazel and chris do a magnifdent job for tuebrook and surrouding areas and i think there are many better targets for your stick.

try the useless dems that i have to put up with in west derby! faceless non-entities.for what it worth louise I thing you have done an excellnt job since being elected.

Louise Baldock said...

Richie - I thank you for your comments. What is hurting me, if I may be so bold as to tell the whole world in writing, is that I thought Steve Radford was a man I could occasionally do business with, where it was of benefit to my residents.

He and I stood together over the issue of the builders B&B on Beech Street when he joined me in persuading the Planning Committee to reject the application, using his knowledge of the local traffic situation after working in the area. The LibDems as usual were hopeless.

Then again we have worked together to fight the delay and decay on Prescot Road/Drive - his old voters, my new ones, where they have been left to rot at the precise instructions of the LibDems.

On yet a third occasion we worked together to force the local RSLs and the council to tackle some of their empty houses in the area and bring them back into use.

I had been warned not to trust him but thought that, based on my own experience of him, others were wrong and sometimes we would be able to work together - indeed sometimes we did.

He has also told me privately of certain things he believes have happened to him at their hands which were disturbing to hear about. I wont say what they are because it is not my place so to do.

I absolutely believe, fundamentally and genuinely that this deal has been done and it is a real slap in the face.

Not because I think Liberal voters will vote for the LibDems - most seem to be voting either Green or Labour as far as my polling is telling me.

But because this deal was made in the anticipation, however wrongly, that the LibDems would benefit.

I can see why the LibDems would do a deal, they are in the gutter at the best of times, but I cannot see why the Liberals and Steve in particular would want to benefit that party.

As you say, all is fair in love and war and in the end we will still win and win well, despite this but my relationship with Councillor Radford is now in tatters and I think the only people to lose out will be the good people of K&F.

Anonymous said...

"Franchise of opportunists" is indeed the Lib Dems in Liverpool. in Central and in Croxteth they have effectively franchised their campaigns permitting candidates to stand under a Lib Dem flag of convenience using their personal wealth - a disgraceful situation when we consider the background of at least one of their candidates.
As for Mr Radford - nothing actually surprises me. His claims of things the Lib Dems have done to him are still debatable as they are never backed up by evidence, the "dirt" he claims to have on them is likewise never qualified. The fact that he stands candidates under the phrase "Steve Radford's candidate" displays a personality cult rather than a political party.
His decision not to stand in Kensington will not succeed and neither will his decision to concentrate on Clubmoor. The candidates from Labour are too strong.

Jon said...

Hi Louise
It's not only Liverpool that the Lib Dems and Liberals have a pact. The same thing happens in Gateshead. The Lib Dems even produce leaflets for the Liberals.

Good luck with the campaign in May. Look forward to seeing some Labour gains. Six will be great!