Sunday, April 15, 2007

Another busy week on the stump!

Wendy Simon - our Labour candidate in Kensington and Fairfield in fewer than three weeks time - and I have been campaigning hard all week.

We had some time off work at the beginning of the week together and have produced some great leaflets which will be going out in the next week or so, lots of local people are queuing up to get their photos taken with her, supporting her, which is always a great boost.

We have been out and about knocking on doors and I am pleased to say that the recognition factor is now very high. There are moments of small complication on the west side of the ward when some people think that as a Labour politician whose face they know and whose name is Louise, maybe I am the MP - really it is Louise Ellman but it is easy to see how people can be confused.

People like Labour's style and our willingness to engage with them, they are apparently also talking to each other about our effective casework. Several residents when we were out knocking today made reference to some small personal successes we had achieved for their friends or neighbours.

It has been beautiful weather for getting out and about too, what more could you ask for?

40 or so LP members were in Warbreck at the weekend where we only missed out last year by 20 odd votes. Ann O'Byrne is going to be a fabulous campaigning councillor when she is elected in May, everyone I spoke to thought she was already their councillor, now that really is high recognition factor!

I spent half an hour in Croxteth helping them stuff envelopes and listening to how well the campaign is going there, the idea of the LibDems fielding a DUP supporter has gone down like the proverbial lead balloon with local people who are frankly simply aghast.


Anonymous said...

Hmm yes for a city that has been badly affected by religious sectarianism, it would appear to be a stupid decision.

Stuart Bruce said...

Smiled about people thinking Ann is already a councillor. Exactly the same thing happens to Karen in Rothwell. It's helpful to Labour when our local Lib Dems are so unhelpful to voters ;)