Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Campaign update

Just a quick update on the campaign to win a second seat for Labour in Kensington and Fairfield

We have finished our canvass for the moment and are now going back to Labour promises (people who have promised to vote Labour in the past). The purpose is to find out if they are still voting Labour and will be supporting Wendy in the election on May 3rd.

The good news is that Labour's vote is holding up beautifully.

Wendy is very popular with the people she meets, everyone warms to her and there is a really good feeling on the street.

The bins issue does not seem to have damaged Labour's chances here. I understand the LibDems have produced a yellow poster asking people to put it up in their windows to save their bin service. A service not under threat since Labour voted with the LibDems at full council in April for a weekly collection. Still, let's not let the facts get in the way of a good LibDem lie.

(It would however be remiss of me not to mention that since he received the solicitor's letter RM has changed the wording of his leaflets to say "Labour wantED to" rather than "want" to. I doubt if that will save his neck however.... )

I have not seen any posters up in windows yet although if I do see any, Wendy and I will be visiting to explain that we would never support collecting rubbish only once a fortnight and asking them to take them down again.

I am not sure they have really delivered many yet though so it might be a bit early to tell.

There are some Wendy posters up here and there, I dont recall having any last year, I dont think I had any printed, but I could be wrong, the years all roll into one after a bit.

We are not complacent, we have worked 40 hour weeks for the last three weeks on the campaign as well as 40 hour weeks in our day jobs. But I do have to say it feels good out there.

Warren Bradley, the LibDem Leader in Liverpool was in yesterday's Echo saying that Labour's successes in 2006 were just a "blip". He said the results in Princes Park where my mate Anna Rothery won and the result in Speke Garston where the lovely Doreen Knight won were only to be expected as they are natural Labour territory. (Not very heart warming for poor old Paula Keaveney, LibDem councillor in Speke Garston frantically trying to defend her seat to know that her leader has already written her off. I would poke him in the eye Paula, what a terrible thing to say as you do your best to get re-elected).

He also said that the Kensington and Fairfield result (when I won) was "just the wake up call we needed". Well hello Warren, you might have woken up, but your colleagues over here must have just turned over, pulled the quilt up over their ears to drown out the alarm and nodded off back to sleep.

Finally it was interesting to note that Councillor Mike Storey forced to resign his leadership of the City Council over a very unpleasant spat with the then Chief Executive has gone in the Echo saying that his self-imposed exile comes to an end the day after polling day.

Are you watching over your shoulder Warren?

I have not had a leaflet from Mike Storey, I live in his ward (and have just voted for the principled, earnest, thoughtful, engaging and intelligent Tim Beaumont who is definitely one to watch in the future in Labour politics in this city). Now that might be because they know where I live and have chosen not to post any through to me.

In which case I salute them, because last year they were writing personal letters to me asking me to vote for Steve Hurst, when I was a candidate for Labour in a different ward. Nice to see they have at least a tiny bit of targetting in their campaigns. Unless of course Storey has simply not put any out? Do you live in Wavertree ward? Have you had a leaflet?

Cannot wait for the count, and all the new blips


Kennylad said...

Go on girls, get rid of that useless buffoon we've been lumbered with for years by the Lib Dems, then fire the fireman.

Wake up call? Hmm, don't think that lot will ever get the message.

Marshall Ward said...

I find your arrogance somewhat bemusing. You call yourself a socialist? You come across as an arrogant creature. In all my years and I am a scouser born and bred I have never come across such bitter vitriol, how Christian is that?
Is it true that you are involved in a so called christian movement, that tries to brainwash vulnerable children?

Marshall Ward said...

I find your arrogance somewhat bemusing. You call yourself a socialist? You come across as an arrogant creature. In all my years and I am a scouser born and bred I have never come across such bitter vitriol, how Christian is that?
Is it true that you are involved in a so called christian movement, that tries to brainwash vulnerable children?

Captain Joe said...

What a liar you are.

Today you say, "we would never support collecting rubbish only once a fortnight."

It's not what you said in March: http://louisebaldock.blogspot.com/2007/03/green-environment-and-heritage-select.html

Louise Baldock said...

Good heavens, that is what I call serious cage rattling

5 posts in 8 minutes

Obviously all from the same man

Clearly deranged

I dont know anything about brainwashing children but it is true that Jesus did ask the disciples to let the little children draw near. Is that what you are referring to.

All this since I posted three posts about Mike Storey, what a stunning result.

It must be true then, he is either a. under serious threat or b. planning on taking over Warren's leadership

No other explanation can be forthcoming, you must have your filter set up to identify any mention of his name.

This kind of reponse is just what turns voters off, but keep it up, thanks, it is very helpful to ensuring that Labour takes it second seat in K&F very soon

Louise Baldock said...

Sorry Captain Joe, I neglected to address your comments

History will show that in the end the Labour Party in Liverpool voted with the LibDems to retain a weekly collection.

Statement of fact.

Ignore this matter of public record at your peril

The Masked Floating Voter said...

Wasnt Marshall Ward a catalogue in the 1970's, I'm starting a campaign for better anonymous names...starting with "The Masked Floating Voter", a bit like spiderman but more floaty like

Louise Baldock said...

Laughing......I knew I knew that name from somewhere

Captain Joe said...

On one part of your blog you say you would never support fortnightly collection, but if you look in your march posting you attack the Council for ignoring Nick Small's call for it. Two faced or what!

And believe it or not none of the other posts had anything to do with me.

Louise Baldock said...

No, not two-faced. The Labour Group voted for the maintenance of a weekly collection, we have collective democracy, that means that we abide by the group decision, having had our say within our group.

That is how it works.

I dont support fortnightly
collections though, have never supported fortnightly collections, not sure where the concept of fortnightly collections come from. Not sure where you will find my saying this on the blog or anywhere else. I believe residents should put a bin out for collection every single week, of whatever colour or content, without fail.

A weekly collection by Onyx, or whatever they are called these days, I have always advocated that.

Anonymous said...

Seems like Labour politicians don't just lie about wars. Disgraceful.

Louise Baldock said...

Forgive me for being thick, but which part of "the bin men come every week to empty a wheely bin" dont you understand?

RedKenny said...

The Lib Dem bin posters have been notable by their absence. I have seen one - and that is at the home of a previous (failed) Lib Dem parliamentary candidate!
If anything, people in Fairfield are p*ssed off that not everyone gets a recycling bin.

Chris Paul said...

You might add to the fortnightly collections meme - which I support (fortnightly collections that is) - that various Lib Dems councils DO HAVE FORTNIGHTLY COLLECTIONS.

York City Council is but one example. And they talk about rats whereas in Lib Dem Stockport they still have loose bin bags and in Labour Manchester obviously we have robust wheely bins - four per household.

Obviously when people recycle more the amount of unsorted rubbish ought to reduce! And it does. Not today, tomorrow, or the day after but sometime it will make sense in Liverpool to go fortnightly for domestic rubbish.

This could free resources to increase commercial and HMO and student area collections and dealing with fly tipping, littering and environmental ASB.