Friday, April 27, 2007

The bloody dentists

I hate going to the dentists, every three months for 10 years.

It is like living in 1984 on a permanent basis

Now I learn one of my back teeth is loose, and it is one I use a lot for eating, thanks, tooth fairy!

Dentist thinks I should have it extracted now and then she will sort out a replacement option in the fullness of time. I think I should hold onto it as long as humanly possible.

Dont you just loathe human frailities and the rubbish gene pool that caused your small imperfections?


The Tooth Fairy said...

Bet it didn't hurt as much as the sight of the postal votes for Kensington. Hear dear Wendy was weeping! Liars are always found out especially those who pretend to be god fearing!

Cath Ingham said...

I'm sorry but if it's loose it's better out!!!
I speak from bitter experience as I had a back one that got so loose that I coudn't eat with it because it kept on jarring on the one below - it's been brilliant since it came out and I've got cheek bones now!!
See it's not all bad.
Love Cath

Louise Baldock said...

Look here you LibDems. You want to be worrying about your own tooth ache not mine.

Wendy was not best pleased at the postal vote count, it is true. Until she came back to the office and I showed her last year's returns.

You do need to have seen those before you know what this year's mean, right?

(Have never forgotten over hearing RM say to ex councillor Jimmy Kendrick "sampling can be wrong you know" as they stood next to me at the count in K&F last year.)

The Masked Floating Voter said...

Another bad nom de guerre, not content with "Marshall Ward" (a dodgey catalogue from the 60's and 70's) the lib dem anonymouse person is now calling themselves after psychopathic killer from a Thomas Harris novel "Red Dragon". .......Louise....I'll eat your liver with some flafa beans and a nice chianti Slurp slurp slurp-and before tooth fsiry says anything pedantic about which book the quote comes from I know it's silence of the lambs.....God htis leather mask is getting a bit tight

Labour's Loudmouth said...

I want Richard Marbrow to start a blog, just so I can say I haven't read it.

Louise Baldock said...

Have had mother on the phone, wants to know what I mean by rubbish gene pool. Told her it was "not from her side"

She was phoning to say she has found more relatives in Liverpool. We have already learnt of the Millwards in Old Swan (Hankinson Street) and Speke, the Hewitts in Toxteth (Beaufort Street) and now we have John Burwen Hughes also from Toxteth. Do you spell Burwen like that? His family were from Wales but he lived in Brookdale, where is that then?

Links and connections, everywhere it seems.

Anonymous said...

If you are interested in family history - my father recently traced ours back a long way (1600s) partly by using the database set up by the Mormons (don't know why they did it but apparently its really useful).

One Stop Shop said...

Yeah, where is Richard's blog? And how much would Liverpool Direct charge to host it?

Louise Baldock said...

I love family history, have been at it for 25 years. Have traced my family back 500 years on both sides.
There is a very important and scary reason why the Mormons are in the game but I dont really have time to tell you tonight. Let me know if you want me to expand at a later date!

Louise Baldock said...

With a bit of luck RM wont have anything to say his blog, being unemployed in about four days time...