Thursday, April 26, 2007

Official "re-opening" of St George's Hall

What a fabulous building

I was really pleased to accept an invitation to the opening of this wonderful architectural gem.

We all enjoyed the ceremony, although the Prince of Wales would not be my top choice as speaker, he seemed genuinely pleased to be in Liverpool, to see the building again and to open it.

The singing and the drama performance were great and he definitely enjoyed them both as he asked to meet the students from JMU again later.

Apparently royal protocol asks that the proles remain seated and dont wander about while the PoW is in the building so we had to keep our legs crossed, (or knees bent, depending on your leg room) but we got through it okay. Lots of the great and good were there. Fascinated to see that Rex Makin felt slighted by having to sit in the fourth row. The elected representative by and large were on the 11th and 12th rows.

He said (sorry that is Charles, not Rex) we need to consider much more deeply the natural rhythms and patterns of the earth and rely less on technology. He said that a third of the world's topsoil has been damaged in the last 50 years by mass farming and agriculture technology, scary stuff.

There was also something about boiling frogs in water, but we dont want to go there.

I was at a Park's Scrutiny Panel last night when we talked about the way in which our urban development is changing the water table and water courses, and affecting the quality and nature of our water in lakes. Perhaps the PoW had something there!

Fabulous building, I am never tired of visiting it or wandering round. Lots of scousers that I talk to have never been inside, make that a top priority for your summer holidays, it is something for us all to be immensely proud of!


Anonymous said...

Yes it's a wonderful building, which your party wanted to demolish!!!

Louise Baldock said...

More fool them then

Anonymous said...

Yet some of those fools are still around ? Can you tell us why you came to our wonderful city ?

Louise Baldock said...

I came to this wonderful city because I do genuinely believe it is wonderful. I am a big fan of history, heritage, architecture, art, sculpture, parks, green space, museums...

Liverpool has all that in spades

I came because my two best friends live here having themselves been attracted to this place over the last 15 - 20 years because it is so vibrant and warm and friendly.

Present company excepted of course

I came because I wanted to make it my home.

It is true that a mass political party like Labour is what is often described of as "a broad church". We dont all agree with each other over every issue.

I would have called it sacrilege to tear down St Georges Hall.

Direct action would have been called for.

Thank the Lord it was saved

Chris Paul said...

Meanwhile Manchester Tories are trying to tear down Trafford Town Hall, while Cardiff Lib Dems are nicking bits of the people's parkland to enlarge Sofia Gardens cricket ground and steal the Old Trafford Ashes Test.

Haven't your lot of rogues been doing similar? Not to mention that bizarre Fourth Grace. What a disgrace!

Parky said...

The Lib Dems have robbed several Liverpool parks in the last 10 years, and wrecked a number of others.

Sheil Park, Stanley Park, Rathbone Park - going, going, gone!