Sunday, April 01, 2007

Kensington Community Awards

I was very keen to go along to the Kensington Community Awards at the ubiquitous Devonshire House Hotel on Thursday night to see local people be honoured for their great work in their community.

I sat on a table with Holly Road neighbourhood people who were all lovely. I knew Pat Doyle and his wife from various of the committees on Kenny Regen that I sit on, Pat is the Chair of the oft mentioned Community Safety one. I also sat next to Andrew, the vicar of St John's which was good, I have asked to get involved in some of the work they do in the area. We had a quiz around James Bond movies which was the theme of the evening, but I dont think we were all that clued up really.

I was also happy to see friends from FARA, GEARS and Holt Road residents, several of whom were nominated for very well deserved awards and some of whom actually won - well done Betty in particular. (I was myself invited for making a few nominations of my own.)

It was another chance to deepen the ties and friendships with the wardens, C7 people and Kenny Regen officers as well as the police. (I dont think Purdah must extend to being "off duty" and with a glass of wine.)

Apparently Dean Sullivan, who was the MC for the evening, told a friend of mine at the bar that far from being a Lib-Dem he was a Labour man and was wrongly quoted in the papers by a friend, so that is okay then. I could never have seen Jimmy Corkhill as a LibDem!

Everyone was very dressed up, tuxedos and fine frocks

We had roast beef and yorkshire puddings and a strawberry cheese cake to follow, it was a really lovely evening and I had a great time, although went home very sober at 11pm.

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