Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cover blown!

Still fascinated by this LibDem leaflet from Mike Storey, deposed leader of Liverpool City Council.

Have just noticed that in the bottom right hand corner it actually says

"Only Mike Storey and the LibDems can beat Labour in Liverpool"

Game over Warren Bradley, it is now official, Mike wants his job back, assuming the voters re-elect him despite the closeness of the election.

Better get back to the day job, we have some fires in Fairfield you could be attending to


Anonymous said...

Oh dear
Bitter and twisted aren't we sweetie. Such hatred in your little heart.

Louise Baldock said...

Oooh that's got you rattled hasn't it

That has shaken the boughs a bit

To coin an old phrase "you started it"

You look at Wendy's leaflets - the truth will out. We have not put poisonous lies out right across the city.

We have talked about the local work we have done and continue to do.

It is precisely attitudes like yours that are costing the LibDems votes all over Liverpool

Nobody likes it, okay?

And anyway, I merely tell it like it is, you come and collect the leaflet and see for yourself, I didnt write it.

Justify it, go on, I dare you!

The Masked Floating Voter said...

My sister used to clean Mike Storey's school in Halewood, and she said he was a very nice man, but wouldn't vote for him? She was a very shrewd woman my sister.

Belway Burnout said...

Seen the stuff about Doran forgetting to register to vote?

Ho ho ho!

Dorothy said...

My cousin used to go to Storey's school and said he was seldom there, though he'd turn up for prize day, when the local paper sent a photographer...