Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Looks like I spoke too soon

I have been well and truly "Mike Storey'd" today

I had a letter this morning in the post, handwritten and then risographed on tasteful blue paper from Mike. I hope that is not his real handwriting!

Anyway he rather belatedly wanted to ask me to use my postal vote to vote for him in the elections. My ballot paper came on Saturday morning and I voted for Tim there and then. So I am sorry about that Mike, I will have to stand you up on this occasion.

I am very puzzled why
a. he wrote to a Labour councillor (and wasted a stamp on it too)
b. he wrote so late - statistics demonstrate that the vast majority of postal voters, like me, use their vote the same day, it is now 5 days since ballot papers arrived
c. he says that the election in Wavertree is going to be very close between him and the Labour candidate.

Last year they had a 1400 majority, where has it gone?

Mind you, when I think about it, they had a majority of 2300 in 2004, so 900 voters had already deserted them between 2004 and 2006. Perhaps their canvas is telling them that another 900 have gone in the last 12 months?

I know he is deeply unpopular for bringing our city into disrepute but to have to resort to these scare tactics suggests some deep seated unease

Or then again he is just lying about the closeness of the election

Or he hasnt even drafted it, let alone written it, and doesnt even know what it says

Or he couldnt be bothered to find any local issues to talk about.

You decide!

None of it is edifying, I do know that!

Tonight when I got in my little pile of post had been added to by the arrival of a LibDem leaflet, still peddling the lies about the bins when it is a matter of public record that Labour voted this month in full council for weekly bin collections.

What we need in this country is a much stronger law against telling lies in leaflets. Apparently you can say what the hell you like about parties as long as you dont name individuals.

I simply cannot get my head round that and the LibDems are such liars that they have made this an art form!

Apparently George Bush is standing for Labour in Wavertree as well as K&F.

There is a picture of him and it says "A vote for anyone else let's their man win!"

This is gutter politics of the very worst kind and they should be ashamed, no really, I mean that, totally ashamed of themselves.

I cannot wait to hear the voter's verdict.

(I had one final letter in the post, it was from Mike Storey CBE asking me if I wanted to go to the light show at St George's Hall. You dont hear from the bloke for months and then you get three at once!)


St Vitus said...

Why so bitter and defensive Ms Baldock? Not much Christian warmth in your heart? Why so filled with hate?

Louise Baldock said...

I dont do hate

I do a bit of despair from time to time when perfectly good community campaigning and hard work is trashed by liars with nothing else to contribute

I am neither bitter nor defensive, I am looking forward to my friend Wendy joining me on the council, because like me she is a hard-working woman who puts local people first

I know it is a concept you rabid people cannot get your heads round but the voters can clearly see the difference

Louise Baldock said...

PS that is COUNCILLOR Baldock to you, duly elected by the people of K&F last year, whether you like it or not

St Vitus said...

As I am not a dog it is unlikely that I am actually rabid. I am actually a member of the Frontline family and your colleague in Old Swan is a dear friend of mine. Her campaign is not filled with such hate. I will ask Dave if he approves of such vicious barbed comments

Louise Baldock said...

Then we have something in common, Claire is also a very dear friend of mine.

I dont know anything about the Frontline family really, nor do I know which Dave you refer to. I am a methodist myself.

A lot of LP members have their roots in the methodist church. The CSM movement, which you will learn more about at this linke here includes lots of methodists.

I have searched my conscience and while I am happy to put my hand up to mischief making, I know that my comments are not vicious or hate filled. I cannot think of a living person I hate, with the possible exception of Nick Griffin, and him I probably fear more than hate.

I am comfortable with my religious convictions, I am sorry you dont see them in the same way.

Louise Baldock said...

And to close, before I go off to do a bit of genealogy with my newly discovered cousin

I have just counted up on my fingers at least 10 LibDems I have quite a pleasant relationship with, not having had much to do with very many. I wonder what those ten would say if they knew what you have tried to do to me?

I am very comfortable with my position. If you would take any advice from me it would be to calm down, relax a bit and put all of this into perspective.

What really matters is the good people of Liverpool and making sure their elected representatives put them first, from whichever party.

I know I am inclusive, now you have to reconfirm your inclusivity to yourself, you dont have to post in here, just sort it out for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Was the phrase "you rabid people" really a suitable phrase for you to use?