Friday, March 26, 2010

Two youth clubs in one night

Last night I was in Central Youth Club with Wendy, to watch an animated film made by some of the young people with the help of Eek films.

The film, Stinky: A funny film about a smelly problem, will be on you-tube in due course I am sure and then I can link to it, in the meantime an early blog can be viewed here.

We have supported this particular special Thursday night group at the club for a couple of years now and it is great to see them grow and develop. We gave out a lot of certificates too. Very well done to everyone - young people, parents, youth workers, volunteers, Tony, Simon, Tim...

From there I went over to Edge Hill Youth Club to join in the competition - grown-ups versus children and young people in the big Wii challenge. The grownups being mainly local community police, dressed in casual clothes, building up relationships and making contacts with the club and its attendees. The event was organised by Maria Curran in one of her last acts in post before she leaves Kensington Regeneration at the end of the programme.

Well done Maria, and well done to all the PCSOs and RSL Housing Officers and other members of the Community Safety Task Group who came along. I just missed Luciana by a few minutes, I bet she was a good ten pin bowler too!


scouseboy said...

Congratulations on supporting diversionary initiatives that bring out the positives in young people. If these sort of activities did not exist, or there were insufficient volunteers to support the paid workers, the net result would be more ASB. Well done.

Maria said...

Hi Louise
It was an absolute pleasure to organise this event with Anne at Edge Hill Youth Club and Lisa from C7/Riverside. As a child I was never allowed to go in the club as it was the "boysie" you can't get me out of there. I had a great time and am so pleased so many came together to battle it out between each other in a positive way. I really hope it continues as watching the agencies and local young people competing together in mixed teams was amazing. Can't wait to see some of the pictures.