Monday, March 22, 2010

Getting on top!

I have had a couple of very productive days and worked really hard to clear the decks. There are two elections soon, if you had not noticed, both extremely important to me. Obviously on a personal basis, I await the verdict of the good people of Kensington and Fairfield on my first term in office as their councillor. But equally it will be no good to me, or them, if I am elected but we lose our Labour MP, so I am very keen to see Luciana Berger returned in a General Election too.

So, after some nose to grindstone activity, I can report that I am on top of

* my casework - four years worth to go over and double check, have I done everything I could?

* my emails - 400 cleared out this weekend - professional and personal. Please will no-one write to me for a bit?

* my blog - all the important community events (except for the One World Festival which I am still waiting for a JPEG of) are now all posted up.

* my pile of papers in the dining room - I have been through the whole lot, done what needs to be done, answered important letters, filled in forms, questionnaires, sent off responses

* my washing - two empty laundry bags!

The car is already booked in for the MOT and service in June (thanks to the lovely people at Nationwide AutoCentre who know me better than I know myself, some deadlines cannot be missed!)

I have switched to British Gas for my dual fuel, finally, don't know what took me so long.

I have had my hair cut and booked my next appointment already (radical, why did it take me so long to realise you could do this from one appointment to the next?)

And, guess what? MY NEW JUMPER HAS COME!! The lovely people in the Shetlands have taken a gamble on the claim for the stolen parcel and knitted me a new one. It came today. Very good for winter (arriving at the outset of Spring is a bitter irony) but I will love wearing it next year, fabulous!

So the decks are now all cleared for the elections, bring them on!

(Oh and I had a letter today to tell me I had been nominated for a regional award, not that I am holding my breath, but it is lovely to have been thought of).


scouseboy said...

Go on and win girl!!

Louise Baldock said...

Thanks Les, I will do my very best campaign wise, but the result is not is my hands, it lies with the voters. If they think I have delivered for them and made the difference I have fought so hard to achieve then they will recognise that. It is too late with only 6 weeks to go, to imagine I can change minds now. If I have not done enough, worked hard enough, fought hard enough over those four years then the voters will let me know with their feet, so to speak.
I really genuinely have dedicated myself to their cause and I hope that has been effective but only they will decide.

Anonymous said...


youre as safe as houses - a general election turnout will see you win by a street- the LDs will know that

as for Miss Berger - tell her to turn the On Message button off and start being herself - she doesnt have to apologise for who she is or her background , the politics will take care of itself but as a voter i want to know that a candidate has more about them than an encylopeadic knowledge of the party manifesto, and im sure she has - so tell her to go for it - and for heavens sake start enjoying it -