Sunday, March 07, 2010

Has Spring sprung?

Spring is my favourite season. I adore spring flowers - daffodils, crocus, tulips and so on. But is it here yet? It is still bitterly cold out there, my hours spent knocking on doors each day tell me this. But according to the Meteorological Office, Spring began on March 1st. Personally I have always worked on the principle that Spring begins on March 21st (Summer on June 21st, Autumn on September 21st and Winter on December 21st). When do you think Spring begins? Surely it is not here yet?

I took this lovely photograph in Calderstones Park a few weeks ago of snowdrops - traditionally a winter flower, flowering well before Spring. I am yet to see a daffodil (we planted thousands of them in Pythian Park a few years ago, they are not up yet). What signs have you seen of Spring, if any?


scouseboy said...

I'm just back from a long weekend in Nerja, Andalucia, and it rained the whole time!! (It was dry in the tapas bars though!!)
You had sun all the time I was away,and it just goes to show the sun doesn't always shine on the rightous!!

Louise Baldock said...

It might have been sunshine but it has still been bitterly cold. I hope you had a great time, even despite the rain, but what a shame!