Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another fantastic Kensington International Food Festival

Wendy, Liam, Luciana and I really enjoyed the Kensington Food Festival. A 6 hour festival, we took shifts to ensure that at least one of us was there at all times to appreciate, enjoy and share this great day with our local residents.

It is my favourite event in the Kensington and Fairfield calendar. We work very hard in our area to enhance and develop community cohesion - no room for the fascist BNP here, thank you very much - and the food festival is the most successful. Upwards of 500 people joined together today at Kensington Infant and Junior School to eat great food from around the world, prepared by people from those countries who now live in Kensington or Fairfield. We were entertained by singers, dancers, drummers and performers from around the world while we ate.

Young and old sat together to eat, to laugh, to chat and get to know each other. The children, from all global backgrounds, with beautiful painted faces thanks to the United Colours of Kensington face-painting team, played together, ran round the room, danced freely on the stage between performances to great music from our DJ - a woman initially from the Middle East - and had a whale of a time.

A massive thank you and congratulations to everyone, and in particular to Maria Barrington, Thierry Bwaku, Maria Curran, Martin Pinder, HEAT and all the volunteers.

(Photo: Wendy and me with friends at the KIFF)


Anonymous said...

Wish I would of known pf the event I would of gone like I have done in pst years.

I think you need to let more people knowxxxx

Gerard XXXX

Louise Baldock said...

Hi Gerard, how are you love? Haven't seen you for a bit, we must keep missing each other. I have mentioned the festival several times - I did a post in February with a nice photo from last time and then mentioned it again last week. Next time I will send you an email. Hope it is all going well up your end, see you soon I hope xx