Monday, March 01, 2010

Putting the vision back into Kensington

On Saturday when I was in London, I was sitting listening to a speech from the very back of a long room. I was sitting behind someone with a big head and as I moved from one side to the other, to see round him, it became obvious that whilst I could see the speaker pretty well with my left eye, when I moved the other way, I could see only a blur with my right eye. So I have been to specsavers today and had my eyes tested. As I suspected I need glasses for my distance vision and I picked out two pairs. One red, one purple, I do like to accessorise and they are lovely styles.
The optician did remind me that eyes degenerate with age and that I was lucky to have avoided wearing glasses up until now, but I guess I will have to wear them for a few weeks before I am fully converted. She said I would not be able to read or use my PC with them on, so I shall become one of those people with glasses perched upon my head, I suspect. I am picking them up next week. Even with the two pairs for the price of one option, I still paid out a king's ransome but it will be worth it if they help me to recognise people in the distance!


steve faragher said...

Hey Baldock get yer own catch phrase

Louise Baldock said...

Why make your own when there is a perfectly good one at hand to steal? LOL