Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sergeant Simon Joyce is set to stay in Kensington and Fairfield


Great news for our fight against crime and anti-social behaviour in L7.

The Kensington New Deal police team, funded by Kensington Regeneration would have been scrapped at the end of March when the programme comes to an end.

But police chiefs in Merseyside are so impressed with the sterling community work carried out by Sergeant Joyce and his award winning team that they have been granted a stay of execution. Simon will stay on and continue the excellent work in L7, working with residents, partners, agencies and councillors to reduce crime in our area.


Jake Morrison said...

Nice to see all your hard work being recognised.

Missing you on FB! Got my car insurance now, will be driving from monday! Will come and visit you at one of the surgeries for a catch up!


Louise Baldock said...

Hey Jakey, it is lovely to hear from you. I miss you too and all my mates on FB, I hope everything is going well with you. I am delighted to hear about you getting the car on the road at last, but I do think that £3500 is a ridiculous amount to pay in insurance. You would be better placed in getting an account with a taxi firm and paying them to drive you about! Do please come and see me, I would love to hear about life at the hospital and how you are doing and I think you would really enjoy the fevered excitement in the LP office just now as we get ready for two big elections. Lots of love, Louise