Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cultural Champions unveiled at Liverpool Town Hall

I was delighted to be at a special event in Liverpool Town Hall on Thursday night to discover the identities of our new Community Cultural Champions.

"Not the usual suspects" was the ringing endorsement around the room.

The five people who have been chosen to work within neighbourhoods to attend cultural events and blog about them, and then update neighbourhood committees regularly with their experiences, are ordinary Liverpool folk. They are not professional culture vultures, they are residents who have come to culture particularly because of their happy experiences during 2008, European City of Culture.

Our neighbourhood (City and North Liverpool) now has Donna Williamson of Vauxhall to take on this really interesting role. As the chair of the neighbourhood, I really look forward to working with her over the coming year.

We had a fabulous evening, I sat with some really great women, I didn't catch all of their names, but they know who they are. We had a wonderful time, chatting, giggling and celebrating the city's culture. I sat next to Kathy Mcardle from Find Your Talent (we particularly loved the world cup football bid dvd, especially the bit where the Liver Birds kicked a football about) and a woman from South Liverpool who works with young people. Also we had one of the organisers of the event on our table, Alesha, I dont think that is spelt right and I did a bit of a google but could not hit on the right one. She and her colleagues did us proud.

The food was gorgeous too, so often food produced en masse is horrible but this was extremely good. Well done to the Town Hall caterers.

But mostly, I want to say well done to all the applicants, all the shortlisted candidates and the successful 5 champions!

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