Sunday, March 07, 2010

Labour NW LGBT and Young Co-operators campaigning in Liverpool Wavertree

Our campaign had a big boost a few weeks ago thanks to the help and support of enthusiastic LGBT Labour members and Young Co-operators from across the NW. (I only just got the photos through)

The team that helped in Kensington and Fairfield delivered 3000 leaflets, made 300 contacts on the doorstep (and ate 30 hot cross buns)!

You guys are amazing! A big thank you to everyone, it really lifts the spirit to see so many young people actively engaged in politics and campaigning and it was good to catch up news as we retired to the pub afterwards.


Cath said...

Hey I didn't make that jumper! Where did you get it from?

Louise Baldock said...

Ahhh yes, the jumper. It came from Bonne Marche if I am not much mistaken. You know I love your jumpers best, but you have not knitted me a new one in nearly 10 years and nothing lasts forever my friend! However, if it helps, I am wearing the Nelson Mandela cardigan even as I sit here xx