Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Update on the stolen parcel/jumper saga

I have been reading a rather implausible story in the Echo tonight about a postman in bother with the law. He claimed that the reason he did not deliver mail that he was meant to and instead stashed it in his flat, was because he had difficulties with riding his Royal Mail bike because of injuries to certain ahem "delicate" parts of his body.

It reminded me that you need an update on the "Viking" saga (thanks Coline!) of the stolen parcel containing my Christmas jumper.

I got a letter on Monday from the Royal Mail telling me that the lovely people in the Shetlands have now made a claim for the loss. They asked me to confirm that the parcel had never arrived, that I had alerted the sender to the loss and whether I had been in touch with RM myself.

Helloooooooooooooo, is there anyone listening at Royal Mail?

I have of course written back to tell them that their own Delivery Office manager in Wellington Road (Liverpool South East PDO) told me himself, with much embarassment, about the theft of the van with not just my parcel but lots of other people's Christmas presents.

The irony is that the senders told them all this on the form. How many more hoops are we going to have to go through?

By the time the money is released to allow a new jumper to be knitted, it will be high summer!

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scouseboy said...

Don't worry Louise, I'm sure the shetland sheep are busy growing wool for your new jumper NEXT christmas!!x