Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's all go!

Someone once described me as a busy busy bee, while another talked about me as the councillor with the duracell batteries (mind you, I am less impressed with the suggestion that I may only have a year of service left if he has his way!). After a week like this I have to concur; my feet are throbbing and my notebook is full of ticked "to do" lists, I have been busy with a capital B, batteries or no batteries, but it is all in a good cause, as always.

This week I spent a full day in Venture Housing Association the key RSL for Liverpool 6, where I sit on the board, hopefully helping to guide us to a better inspection report next time. And that evening I joined the steering group for Liverpool Pride (planned for August 7th, put it in your diary). On Tuesday, after a day doing my regular employment, I was out door knocking for a few hours. On Wednesday I got my new glasses, met my old boss for lunch, knocked on some more doors, did a pile of casework and made some home visits to housebound constituents. On Thursday I was at our Phythian surgery where we celebrated with residents from one particular Close who with our help have finally been recognised by their RSL and are now in the programme for decent homes - windows, doors, kitchens, bathrooms and central heating are finally on their way. KVfm Radio Forum was good fun, hearing from different people about the shows they have planned - we councillors have committed to a monthly show online from June. Friday was emotional. I went to work in the morning but took annual leave in the afternoon to celebrate the life of Karen Harold. Standing room only in the Anglican cathedral, that tells you something about how important Karen is to the people of Kensington and Fairfield and Liverpool. I thought Bishop James Jones did a particularly good job with his reflections and testimony about a life, short but well lived. Friday's surgery was also very well attended, with lots of interesting casework and one man who came in to show me his collection of LibDem literature he has kept and challenged over the years. There will be no succour for their candidate if he knocks on that door in this campaign! Today I was speaking at the Love Music Hate Racism Unite Against Fascism conference in Liverpool JMU, telling them about the work of Kensington Remembers which I chair, the Meet your Neighbours series of events organised by Merseyside Polonia and inviting people to visit the International Food Festival next weekend. This was followed by another couple of hours on the doorstep.

Tonight I have kicked off my shoes (actually I have kicked off my new pink DMs to be strictly correct) and am eating sweets and crisps and other Saturday night goodies, watching films, drinking a glass of wine and generally relaxing. Tomorrow I am going to see my lovely Mum for Mother's Day.

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scouseboy said...

I had an appointment in Rodney St on Friday afternoon, and the funeral cortege passed me by.
So many people. I did not know Karen Harold (I might have done, but cannot recall her) but she must have been a very special and remarkable person indeed judging by the number of mourners present.