Monday, February 01, 2010

Kensington International Food Festival

I have just been sent this photo from the Kensington International Food Festival that we funded with a contribution from our locally devolved budget in the autumn, thought you might like to see it. This was a Chinese youth orchestra that entertained us during the afternoon.

Kensington Regeneration, in conjunction with Liverpool City Council's Working Neighbourhood Fund is holding the 3rd Kensington International Food Festival on:

Saturday 20th March 2010
12 noon – 7pm
Kensington County Primary School
Brae Street
Liverpool 7

The festival was established to celebrate the multi national communities that make up Kensington. This is achieved by each country providing various dishes, and accompanying music and dance where possible, from the countries they represent.

National dishes will be provided from the following 13 communities: Chinese, Congolese, Czech / Slovak, India, Kurdistan, Latin America, Nigeria, Polish, Somalia, Trinidad, UK, Yemen and Zimbabwe.

The previous festival in October 2009 had more than 600 people through the doors with many more expected at the forthcoming festival.

If you would like a stall or a table at the event, let me know so that we can book you in.

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