Saturday, February 27, 2010

Liverpool - a Tory free zone

I was down in London today at the LGA and mentioned to a pal of mine about the poor showing of the Tories in the Warbreck byelection in Liverpool in 2007. They got 1.2% share of the vote. And in Speke ward in the same year, they got 1.4% share of the vote. So I was wondering how poor their returns were in the Fazakerley byelection last week (18th Feb). And it seems, having now checked, that they did not even bother to stand a candidate.

So there you have it, Liverpool is a Tory free zone.

I am not quite sure what Chris Grayling, Tory "Shadow Minister for Liverpool" would make of this. Nor am I sure how he can be the shadow of a post that does not actually exist in reality, but let's not get bogged down in that. How good a job is he doing if he cannot find a candidate in a Liverpool ward only a few months before a general election that they trumpet they will win?

Well done to my friend Louise Ashton-Armstrong who as a young mum and local business owner will be a great addition to our benches


scouseboy said...

To be fair to the Tories(mind you I don't see why I should be - they are not fair to working class people!!) they were incompetent enough to miss the Fazakerley notice of poll deadline rather than them not bothering.

Ronnie de Ramper said...

Tory candidate 'forgot' to get nomination papers in on time - so they say.

Louise Baldock said...

And they want to run the country?