Monday, February 22, 2010

Campaigning for Victory

Okay, everyone who is a true political campaigner learns that one should never talk about one's campaign activities because it gives too much away to the other side. And we should never talk about what work we have done, where we have done it, or how successful it has been. But leaving all that aside, I just want to say this, very quickly, and get it off my chest, then it need never be mentioned again.
Draws a deep breath.
WOW!!! Haven't we done well!
2000 recorded voter contacts (voting intentions recorded) in just two weeks. I don't think I have ever been in a constituency with a record like that. Even in 1997 in a proper key seat with the full might of the national party behind us, when we had hordes of keen volunteers every day, we never managed a rate like that. With the support of individual LP members, from Liverpool and some from Manchester and further afield, but not organised regionally, sourced from real enthusiasts, we have been able to reach huge numbers of local people on the doorstep (and a smaller number on phones, these mobile phone packages can be truly awesome if you sign up to them with one eye to the campaign possibilities). And I have been truly amazed by the size of the Labour promise. In my ward, which is quite important within our Parliamentary Constituency of Liverpool Wavertree, being the one with Labour representation locally, we are seeing our support increase day by day. It helps that I have four years of hard work to draw on and people are seeing the benefits of bringing their problems, concerns, wishes and hopes for their community to Labour councillors. We will go into this local election, and general election, in K&F with the largest number of Labour promises we have ever had to engage with. It really all feels worth the work. I am delighted.

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