Monday, February 22, 2010

Hunting for Treasure

I am flushed with success after my second very well received treasure hunt for my colleagues at Wilson Henry LLP, accountants on Edge Lane, Kensington. I spent time a week or so ago, on a Saturday afternoon, wandering round the Albert Dock and Pier Head, taking photos of things I thought might constitute a "clue" and then on Tuesday I had dispensation to spend the morning designing the clues and the treasure hunt paperwork. On Friday our team had a lovely afternoon, team building, visiting the dock, the Tate, the Piermaster's house and the Maritime Museum, followed by a short stroll to the Pier Head where they went into the new Ferry Terminal and looked at three great exhibitions in there.
I was amazed to learn that some colleagues who dont live in Liverpool but do live in Merseyside had never been to these places before so I hope they will be energised to visit again in future and take their friends, family and visitors for a real proper day out.
They were kind enough to buy me a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates for my efforts.

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