Friday, February 19, 2010

Sparkles Day

Wendy and I got stuck in on a big clean-up on Saturday as part of our Sparkles Day programme. (Liam was taking a big team out door knocking on the same estate simultaneously so we had a really good profile on the Moly). We were cleaning up rubbish on Coleridge Street on that bit of waste ground opposite Cavern Court along with members of the Youth Offending Team, local residents, local council staff and local housing association staff. What a dirty horrible space, covered in dog muck. I am organising a new bin there so that people have no excuse about not bagging and binning their stuff. My boots were filthy when we had finished, I had to go back to get cleaned up before Wendy and I could join the door knocking team. Yuck, the things you do as a councillor! However, the site looks a million times better so that is to be welcomed. We had 30 free skips out in the area too. We are also arranging for a fence replacement for a bit that has been torn down and for a big piece of work to the rear of Cavern Court where there has been fly-tipping and commercial tipping, and which is insecure. We met with the council officer and a key resident there on Saturday lunchtime to agree plans to get it all cleaned up and made good.

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