Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Kensington and Fairfield Participatory Budgeting - special event tonight

16 organisations are bidding for their share in about £10k of funding tonight, at St Francis of Assisi Academy. In an exciting first for Kensington and Fairfield, the decision making will be taken by the residents who turn up to hear the presentations and decide which ones they want to support.
This is the way in which I wanted the Kensington Regeneration legacy funds to be distributed in future, instead of being in the hands of a few self-interested people. What a shame, what a missed opportunity.
Anyway, it is going to be huge tonight, we are oversubscribed to the most incredible degree, so the voting process will be crucial. We expect the hall to be packed and the quality of the presentations for the different projects to be very high.
I shall let you know how we get on later, but if you want to join us, it is 5.30pm.


steve faragher said...

are these few self interested people Robin Hoods or Robbing the Hood

Louise Baldock said...

Both, I would suggest. There might be some news on this in the next few weeks I understand.