Thursday, April 08, 2010

Official Labour candidate for Kensington and Fairfield ward, Liverpool City Council

The letter came yesterday, advising me that my nomination papers have been successfully and formally accepted by Mr Returning Officer and I am the duly nominated Labour Candidate in the Kensington and Fairfield ward in the Liverpool City Council elections.

Exciting times!

You wont be surprised if I dont make many new entries over the next month. I will be far too busy working in the ward and across the Liverpool Wavertree Parliamentary Constituency.

We need to return a Labour MP if we are to stop David Cameron getting the keys to number 10. And I hope the good people of Kensington and Fairfield will also want to return this Labour councillor so that we can keep on top of all the good progress we are making in the ward.

I've got my poster up - thanks to the PM for sending it to me in advance so I could be ready. What about you?


mrsgilliansmith said...

Mmm! But you don't live in Kensington and Fairfield do you ? And why doesn't your poster mention Luciana Burger ?

Louise Baldock said...

Dear Gerard, my poster was sent to me by LPHQ, along with all the other party members, so that we would be ready when the election was announced. But if it makes you feel better, I will get a Luciana poster from our campaign centre and put that up too. There are plenty more windows to go at. As to where I live, I have never made any secret of it, my address will be on the ballot paper this year as it was four years ago. I won that time too. Have you asked your Picton colleagues where they live?

scouseboy said...

go on and Trounce Mr. Doran, Louise x

Anonymous said...

Can you please vote against the bedroom tax in the commons on Tuesday. We need to get this tax on the poor abolished. Thankyou