Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fighting ASB in Molyneux Road area

Wendy, Liam and I went to a useful meeting last night with the police and local residents to talk about ASB in the Molyneux Road area. Residents are suffering from two distinct types of ASB. Noisy and thoughtless neighbours, partying, having drugs dropped off, barking dogs etc, at fixed addresses, and also young people, particularly young girls, getting drunk in the street and damaging vehicles, and in some cases causing deliberate criminal damage of houses/windows/doors etc. This second type of ASB moves around from street to street and can be unpredictable and it is of course more difficult to identify those responsible. However, the police have taken names, addresses, descriptions etc from those residents present last night. I must say our new Sergeant, Ian Devaney, is very dynamic! He has bought a camcorder for his officers so that they can video people they find on the street and take the footage back to the station to identify them. (I am not talking about covert filming, I am talking about where they have stopped people). They will be starting to use it from today. Hopefully we will see start to see some positive changes very soon. They also took the opportunity to give some smart water packs out, something still relatively new to the L6 side - Kensington Regeneration bought them for L7. We have paid for some to be distributed to key areas, through our WNF too, and the police are currently going door to door with them in Sheil Park for instance.

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