Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Great news as Riverside wardens move into L6

I am absolutely delighted to report that Riverside HA wardens are now expanding their area of operation to cover the L6 part of Kensington and Fairfield on top of the area they previously covered in L7 (the New Deal).
I met yesterday with Sue Tracy, head of the wardens, to discuss the boundaries of the area and to identify hot spots for fly-tipping, envioronmental blight, anti-social behaviour etc so that they can hit the ground running - the new patrolling started yesterday!
Wardens have ordered new uniforms in a teal colour - what I might call turqouise, to replace their red uniforms and to bring them into line with Riverside wardens elsewhere in the group, so residents should be on the look out for these very soon. In the meantime the familiar wardens in their red uniforms will be exploring L6 and looking forward, I am sure, to meeting a whole new set of residents.

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