Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Eat my shorts, Tories!


Greenbank Ranter said...

Given that the Lib Dems want PR and that the Tories seem to be ruling out changing the voting system.

Is it not true to say a Vote for the Lib Dems will get Labour Back in?

Louise Baldock said...

Now you have me somewhat confused here. If what you say were to be true, it could only refer to a future General Election not this one, and who knows when that would be or what the landscape would like at that time, or whether the LibDems would ever be in a position to get PR through any form of hung parliament or coalition, with any party (including one it has said it is not inclined to support anyway).

And for those who dont like the Labour Party or the Tory Party, it gives now two reasons not to vote for the Liberal Democrats.

I am thinking you are not yourself a LibDem therefore, or a supporter of any of the three main parties.

And therefore must support a smaller party and therefore would ordinarily like a bit of PR

My head is spinning...

Greenbank Ranter said...

I don't know, I'm not a political expert, just someone trying to sort out in my head what's happening.

David Cameron appears to be against voting reform, and the Lib Dems are very for it (as you say smaller parties get more votes this way).

Of the two 'main' parties Labour are the ones talking about voting reform. Does that not mean the Lib Dems are more likely to want to form a government with Labour ?

From were I see it - if the Lib Dems get into a position of power (over who forms a goverment) won't the number one thing they want be voting reform so they can carry on increasing their chances ?

and is this today not a sign of that?

Louise Baldock said...

My understanding is that Clegg has said he would prefer to work with the Tories. I dont know that his members would all agree with that, but you know, they say the LP is a broad church, the LibDems cover the whole spectrum. In Liverpool they have some very left wing liberals and some very right wing almost fascists, so they will have very different views from each other.