Thursday, April 08, 2010

Runners and Riders!

(A horse racing reference there, it being the Grand National weekend at Aintree, that should bring a few extra readers to the blog and they need to know this!)

This is the list of candidates for the Kensington and Fairfield ward. No BNP candidate standing again, so we keep moving forward in terms of building community cohesion in our area. Great news!

There are five candidates
I am number 1 on the ballot paper (candidates are in alphabetical order) which is always a good place to be.
The other four are
Liberal Democrat (male)
Liberal Party Candidate and Local Resident (female)
The Conservative Party Candidate (female)
Green Party (male)

Sadly however the BNP are fielding candidates in
Anfield, Clubmoor, County, Everton, Fazakerley, Kirkdale, Norris Green and Old Swan

You will perhaps remember the points I made in 2008 questioning why the LibDems had not fielded a candidate in Norris Green when they knew this would put the BNP into second place? Someone posted anonymously in the comments to say they were gong to be the candidate but sadly had to drop out at the last minute. That comment turned out to be posted by a LibDem in Picton ward and was clearly not true. And just to prove it, guess what! The LibDems are not standing there again this year. Disgraceful!

Neither are they standing in Liberal stronghold Tuebrook and Stoneycroft this year, nor Clubmoor - where the Liberals come second, or Kirkdale or Everton.

Imagine. The LibDems run this council and one would assume they would like to carry on doing so, yet they dont even offer a candidate to voters in 5 wards. Add that to the 11 who have retired this year and we see a party in total disarray.

For my money, it is incumbent on all serious contenders, particularly those in power, to offer a "referendum on our record" option to every voter in the city. By not standing in a sixth of the seats, they are denying many voters that opportunity.

For the record, Labour, the Green Party and even the Conservative Party (Tories) have managed to field 30 candidates, a full slate.

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Anonymous said...

Obviously too busy trying to get someone elected to parliament. Simple way to tell is walk up church road, and see the new place for fly tipping. For those who don't know it's in the heart of church ward, most of the early crap has been there for months. But there's more every day.