Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sheila's Wheels!

My friend Sheila had her car stolen a year ago this week.

It was never seen again, vanished into thin air somewhere in Liverpool.

Police were baffled, "Probably," they said "it had been burnt out or shipped abroad".

Her insurance company paid up and the world moved on, although she was sorry to lose the car and her nice coat and some personal belongings.

She had a call this week. The car had been found almost a year to the day it was taken!

You will remember that a catastrophe in Liverpool City Centre where a crane, working on the construction of a new apartment block toppled over into another block. Construction workers are still working on the site.

They finally entered the basement at the end of last week, for the first time, and there, sitting quietly in the gloom, was Sheila's car! It was unmarked, still had a full tank of petrol, and Sheila's things were still inside.

The car of course belongs to the insurance company now, but they have said she can have her coat and belongings back. What an amazing story.

And the insurance company? Sheila's Wheels - really, honestly! What a great story!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic. Can't wait to see it on TV

Louise Baldock said...

Have had BBC Radio Merseyside and the Liverpool Echo both on the phone today. Keen to talk to Sheila. I passed her details on. It just goes to show that what looks like a top story, really is a top story!

scouseboy said...

Thats a great story, with a happy ending. I hope she has been able to "bond" with her replacement car.
Not being able to use shielas wheels (I'm a mere male!!) , are they a lot cheaper?

scouseboy said...

I once had a car stolen when I lived in Old Swan.
It was an old Mark 2 Escort. I had left it in the baden house upper car park with some shopping in while I completed my shopping. When I returned, the car was gone! I reported it to the police, and was turning over in my mind what kind of car I would buy with the insurance money. On the way back from the police station,what did I find in Broadgreen Rd? My car!! The ignition and locks were intact,and all that was missing was my shopping!!! Says a lot about the car,doesn't it?

Maria said...

Louise, I love your stories. Puts a big smile on my face when I read some of the blogs.... keep it up...

However regarding stolen observancy skills are awful. must be 20 years ago or more now I came out the house to go to work and walked past the place that the car had been parked the night before. My husband rang me later in the morning to ask if I had the car with me...No I said its outside the house....Errrr no it wasn't and hadn't been when I left for work.....
Another was a yellow Baby Austin the hubby was renovating on the path. He'd had a clash with a young teenager and next morning when he took kids to school, the car was covered in black marker with lots of unflattering drawings of my husband in the nude...How they replicated him is beyond BUT I had been out half hour earlier to get the milk and looked straight at the car and didnt see it.... Thankfully it had been a damp night and the paintwork was miraculously non permanent....I'm a walking advertisemnt for " Should have gone to...."