Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Post concerning Adam Webb


I have left a comment on David Bartlett's blog today in response to one posted by someone else. I think probably Tom Morrison - but it was anonymous, ironically!

It says "The problem with Cllr Baldock is that even when she pretends to be someone else she never changes her style of banter..
She changes her blog posts though, don't you love?"

My response reads "It is true that I thought better of my entry about this topic and decided to delete it. I do think it is fair to comment, given that Colin Eldridge has said he finds the comments unacceptable and has sacked this young man. But I changed my mind about my entry and decided to delete it. This was because I began to reflect on how the young man concerned, who I dont know and have never met and had never heard of until this week, must be feeling. I was pilloried on the front page myself so I have a degree of sympathy. I did not actually do a great deal more than report the facts as they appeared in the Daily Post but nonetheless I decided to take it down.

I would like to repeat once again that despite whatever you might believe, the anonymous posters are not me. I am perfectly happy to defend myself, be corrected, apologise if I make mistakes. I always have been. The proof is there, you will have seen apologies and corrections in the past and doubtless you will see them in the future. So I post in my own name.

I am well aware that members of the LibDem Party believe that I am responsible for most of the anonymous posts but it is not the case. I don't know who they are, although I could probably guess in most cases - they will all be people I know, I would think.

I do wish people would not post anonymously, that everyone would write in their own names - on any side of the debate. I wish there was more transparency and of course I wish I did not have to take flak for people who hide behind nom-de-plumes, but there you have it."

By the way Tom, I dont get upset by being called "Love", in fact I use it myself with affection all the time. What I was objecting to in the Council Chamber at the last meeting when I asked the Lord Mayor to intervene, was Warren Bradley using ageist terms to talk about Steve Munby. The "love" stuff went completely over my head at the time and I only knew about it when I read Larry's column in the Post a few days later. I certainly had no idea that Ron had shouted anything out, nor what it was, at the time. And I would not have taken any offence, none would have been intended. Hope that clears things up for you, love.


Anne N said...

Ironically my dear Louise you are wrong... again!

I would like to ask you the reason why you always attack Tom Morrison and sometimes even Miss Laura Gilmore. I do believe both of them use their names whenever they comment; I've many replies to you from them in different blogs.

You better stop this and get on real work my dear... this blog entry is even more pointless than the one you deleted and you're embarrassing yourself majorly.

Instead of wasting your time writing this kind of 'sweet and nice' attacks show us why we should be voting for you again in the General Election. The Lib Dems are doing it and that's why people are turning to them.

Tom Morrison said...

Hahah thanks for clearing that up for me Louise.

I remember when we first me and you did indeed call me "love" outside that polling station in Speke.

Good times. Hope you're enjoying the campaign.

Louise Baldock said...

Hi Tom, I have to admit I love campaigning and elections. The adrenaline really gets going at this time of year, doesn't it.

Anne N - as you can see from above, you have slipped on a wee banana skin there. (Is that Anne N as in "Anne N E Mouse" by the way?)

I was not attacking Tom in any way shape or form, I am not sure which bit you think was an attack. Tom has posted to me in his own name before calling me "luv", I thought a bit of clarification might be in order. And he took it in good spirit, as you can clearly see.

Anonymous said...

Ms Baldock, you know as well as I do that what appeared in that article was not factual beyond my admittedly hyberbolic comment regarding ''all religious people''. I had no idea what else was on those sites re abortion and for your party to drag an advocacy group in for commment was utterly dishonest and shameful.

I appriciate you taking me into consideration here on your blog, I guess you didnt think to exercise such empathy when your people were digging months and months back on my facebook page looking for something, anything, to discredit a compentent, qualified candidate. If this is what its come to to get votes, how can honestly believe that your candidate is qualified to run the area shes contesting? It was an irresponsible selection and this is irresponsible campaigning.

You must realise that the statement was not reflective of any serious opinion I hold, and you must also know that I wasn't trying to promote those points on abortion- they just happened to be on a site that had a story that i did want to raise awareness of. You could have taken that into account, but you're lack of class and desperation prevented such basic human decency. So congratulations on taking down a lowely intern; but you must know you're on a sinking ship if this is what its come too.

Louise Baldock said...

Dear Adam

You and your colleagues need to understand that there are several thousand Labour Party members in Liverpool and we are not all aware of the actions of each other.

Although it has become fashionable to assume that I am somehow dictating campaign activity from behind the scenes, in point of fact, in Liverpool, I am just an ordinary member. I represent my ward to the very best of my ability . Being their councillor is far and away the most important thing in my life. I dont write the LP leaflets in Liverpool, not in Wavertree or anywhere else – although if it goes out in my name, I usually do write it, or am given the opportunity to check it first at least. I go where I am told to go and I do what I am told to do. Only in Kensington and Fairfield do I have any sway, and even then I share decisions with my colleagues and our agent. I am not the great “I am” that you perceive me to be.

I do have a regional role but I am not a big player within Liverpool, I am only recognised by your side because I happen to write a blog. I am not the Machiaevelian (I am sure you dont spell it like that) creature that you all imagine. It is laughable really.

I have no knowledge of any research into your facebook, but if you tell me that is what has happened, then I will believe you. I dont know how Marc Waddington got the story, I rarely speak to him. I only went by what was on the online news wires, when I wrote the blog entry. After I saw it was on the front page of the newspaper,, I had a bit of a shiver, and decided that I did not want to be part of the commentary on the situation having been a victim myself. I know how that feels Adam and whatever you did or did not say on your FB, I don’t want to be part of the commentary, I shall leave that to others.

However, equally, I dont blame anyone for researching the people who are working for the LibDem candidate, only a fool would not expect such things. We have seen similar behaviour taking place from the other side - you only have to look at the blog run from the Garmoyle to see how much dirt politicians are prepared to dig up on each other. Luciana's car, Luciana's electoral registration (if indeed that is even true), Luciana's boyfriend, Luciana's school. And dont even get me started on Kevin Pilnick. A young man starting out on a new life with his pregnant fiancee. Your Party’s bombshell could have genuinely ruined his entire life, possibly forever. So no plaintive cries about lowly interns, you need to tell your party that they will reap what they sow. And although I was not party to any of this, I can see how tit for tat can grow into a real monster.

And I would add that I dont hide behind a veil of cowardly anonymity. If I have something to say, I say it in my own name and you can hold me accountable. Your colleagues hide behind nasty names, some homophobic, most mysognist. MrsGillianSmith and MrsFuriousGay both being written by young men in your erstwhile office for instance.

I have not seen any of the entries on your FB, other than those that have appeared on the Daily Post, I dont know the context, I dont know who said what to whom, I am as much in the dark as the next person.

I am tempted to tell you, as the erstwhile web editor for the LibDems that you should not give what you are not prepared to take. But equally I would acknowledge, as a victim myself, that it feels really shit when it happens to you and so I decided to delete my blog entry.

When you repeat that I "should have known" this or that, in fact I was blissfully ignorant of the whole scenario until it hit the press. You will be angry and hurt about being exposed and misrepresented, if the facts are as you say they are, welcome to my world Adam. I am misrepresented every day by your colleagues, sometimes they even make their lies "official". Sometimes they put the council and the government to enormous expense to investigate their complaints.

I am actually broadly sympathetic to your plight, but don’t push me.

Tom Morrison said...

Can I just add.. Anne N was right I didn't post under the feffing and jeffing thingy.

I always use my name :)

Louise Baldock said...

Tom, you big dissembler you. You cannot leave Gerard to take all the flak, that would be unfair, Modster. Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves here, I may feel sorry for the young man you have had to sack (although anyone can subsequently turn up as a volunteer, can't they?) but that does not let the rest of you off the hook. I am not as green as I am cabbage looking, as they say.

Tom (not modster) said...

Hahaha I'm not modster. That's quite a compliment though since he's witty, I do know who he is though.

Who's Teddybear? That's the one that always eludes me.

Gerard can look after himself and he does. He has a good future ahead of him as I'm sure your party is aware (and fear?).

Louise Baldock said...

Hey Tom, self praise is no praise. As my scouse mate always insists.
Of course you are Modster, I have seen your email address as advertised on your blog.
Teddybear is a LP member, a bloke, a scouser. More than that I am not prepared to say, but of course I do know.
As to your doggy mate, he breaks the law most days, I would be back pedalling as fast as I could in the opposite direction if, like you, I was contemplating an elected position within the next few weeks or so. He is a candidate to be EXTREMELY tentative with!

Adam said...

Annonymity was not something I was desperate to achieve; why would I have written in the first person if that was the case? The only thing cowardly in all this is the behaviour of your collegues, and please pass all my venom and bile to Cllr Anderson for putting his name to this ridiculous story. I appriciate that you don't run every aspect of the LP campaign, but you are the only member I have any contact with, so hopefully you can understand my attitude in my earlier post. I apologise if you feel that I'm blaming you and you alone for whats been done here.

And I appriciate you removing your eariler post, which did, in fairness, merit a strong reaction. I hope we can continue the courtesies in the future.

Louise Baldock said...

Hi Adam, I am actually always courteous to your colleagues. Only today I met one of them out leafletting and told him what a lovely day it was. If you were to take a straw poll of LD councillors you would find that most of them get on well with me and vice versa, and a small handful I actually quite like. Some of them even quite like me. I dont think the SLBs in the Garmoyle have ever grasped that, but there you are. Good luck with your future, remember that today's bad headlines are yesterday's fish and chip papers, in fact, even better than that, they are consigned to the recycling bin - we dont even use them for fish and chips any more. You will be okay, you may have to live and learn a bit, like I did, and do, but it wont do you any lasting damage.
Cheers, Louise