Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A Thank You note that came today from our leader

Dear Louise,

Much was written and said over the weekend about the G20 summit and so today I wanted to send an email to a group of people who have had little praise so far - you and tens of thousands of other Labour Party members.

Here in Britain, it is only through the tireless efforts of Labour members like you that this country has a Party in Government willing to give people real support during the tough times. We are introducing a £145 tax cut starting today for 22 million basic rate taxpayers. We are introducing help with mortgage payments for homeowners if they lose their jobs. And we are investing in support and training for those who become unemployed.

We are acting at home - but this is a global crisis which requires a global solution. Your hard work has ensured that this country has a Party in Government that understands that we are part of a world community. Last Thursday's summit was the day that the world came together to fight back against the global recession - not with words, but with a plan for global recovery and for reform and with a clear timetable for its delivery.

At home and across the world, we should be proud that the values we share are ensuring help for people during times of need and laying the foundations for us all to emerge from this downturn quicker and stronger.

We will stand by those who lose their homes or jobs - not walk on by. I am determined that families will not be left behind like they were in previous recessions.

We all became members of this Party because we wanted to make a difference. I want to thank you for the contribution you made at this historic moment.


P.S. - Please forward this email on to 5 of your friends to let them know the difference that Labour values are making to Britain and the world now.


scouseboy said...

I hope that lots of people read this, and vote Labour at the next election.
I am the first to admit,I had a major problem with Labour taking us to two unnessasary wars, and Tony Blair acting like George Bush's puppy dog. It led to me leaving the Labour Party after over twenty years membership.
That aside, Labour has done many good things in the last twelve years, helping the young and old, and helping people back into work. In my view, it is the only party equipped to see us out of the current recession.
Let's not take this country back to the dark, unhappy, uncaring and selfish days of the Tories.

Tim Leaston said...

Yeah the people of Iraq just love Labour... everyone of you that pays money into that evil party has the blood of hundreds of thousands of people on your hands.

You lot sicken me.