Friday, April 03, 2009

And other things I did in March...

Siddi and Liver World have been to the Gambia and back in March, I will do a proper big blog about that later, because we paid for the airflights from our Working Neighbourhoods Fund and also for a formal exhbition and display of the trip which should be arranged for later this month when I can say more about it.

I have done a visit to Prescot Drive children's home and this time I managed to go when the children were at home and at their leisure, so that I could observe them and their interaction with their carers. It was a very positive visit, I shant say more than that, but you might be interested to know that we submit a full report after each visit which is then responded to by the home and their staff.

Road humps on the Molyneux - after about the 19th email over about 3 years (and I still have them all), Highways Engineers finally agreed to prioritise the area around Molyneux/Boaler/Farnworth with speed humps to calm the traffic. They have put out a consultation document asking for responses as to the suitability of the scheme, the location of the humps etc, but we are confident that there will be a big positive response. The Labour team managed to put out a leaflet encouraging people to return the consultation and also updating them about the anti-social behaviour action mentioned above and the possibility of getting the Molyneux Residents back up and running again after a quiet period. I notice Colin Eldridge is trying to claim credit for this, but given that it has been Labour councillors working with residents, gathering names on petitions etc, that have been working with Highways to get to this stage, and it is Labour Government monies paying for this, and his own personal contribution has been non-existent, this will only serve to further annoy local people. They know when they have been collecting petitions following accidents affecting their children for instance, that it is they who have done the work, and this casual appropriation of their successes by the Liberal Democracts really causes ill-feeling. - and it is not the first time either.

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steve "Buy a house for a Zsloty" Faragher said...

There was me thinking Colin Eldridge was responsible for the speed humps, jsut goes to show you cant always believe everything you see in black and white